Chilling Out Closing Void Fissues

Now that I have pretty much everything in Warframe mastered and used and out of the way, I often find myself wondering what to do, where to spend my time and what I need to do next. I mean, I’ve got a Lich that’s been waiting for me to fight it for the last three weeks, but I don’t really want to do that. The only things I have left to master are K-Drives and Archwing gear and those aren’t going to happen until the next time I get an affinity booster from my daily login rewards. So what do I do during these times? I do void fissures.

I do a lot of void fissures.

I probably do too many void fissures. But the only thing I have to show for it is an overflowing pocket of ducats.

Why do I do so many void fissures though? Because, frankly, they’re both easy and profitable. There are plenty of other things you can do to farm for resources, farm for mastery or even farm for items to trade for Platinum, but fissures are by far the easiest way to do all of those at once. You get resources you would have gotten anyway, you get affinity you would have gotten anyway and you always get some shiny extras in the form of Prime parts or Forma.

In fact, if you’re planning on doing a mission like Hydron or Helene for leveling things up, or if you planned to do a survival mission on Uranus looking for Polymer Bundles, you should always check and see if there’s a fissure nearby first, simply because endless void fissure missions actually reward you for playing for longer far, far more than normal endless missions. Why? Because you get boosters for each wave you do, starting with a +25% boost to Affinity for completing the first round, whether it be 5 minutes of Survival, 5 waves of Defense, 200 Cryotic earned in Excavation or a full round of Interception, capping out at x2 boosts for affinity, credits, resources, resource drop rate and a bonus relic for every 5 rounds you do. And that’s on top of the random Prime part and Void Traces you’d get anyway.

Personally though, I prefer the speed and efficiency of a good old Exterminate or Capture mission. While they’re not always faster, the rate at which these missions output reactant means you don’t need to slow down with the killing or bunch up together, there’s so much reactant lying around that almost everyone will get what they need. I say “almost everyone” because sometimes you’ll just get into a mission far too late and there won’t be enough enemies left to spawn reactant, since droppables (anything you pick up off the floor that’s sucked up by vacuum) are somewhat client-side and don’t appear unless you’re loaded in. So it’s possible to spawn halfway through a capture mission on a low level planet and not get enough reactant to open your relic.

Luckily, that’s not that common and only really seems to happen on Earth, which had shorter levels in general.

Since there’s so many ways to earn relics, it’s always worth using them. Relics are a reward for everything, from defense missions to survivals to Void capture missions, and after a while, you’ll find yourself tripping over all relic types apart from Axi relics. And frankly, the only reason I lack Axi relics is because I never really do things like Disruption missions or Hydron and Xini, where Axi relics tends to be round 3-4 rewards. If you regularly play Elite Sanctuary Onslaught, you’ll also be falling over radiant relics! So you don’t even need to use Void Traces.

But the best thing about void fissures is all the random loot you get! I kid you not, I have gotten entire sets out of the relics other random people have used, particularly things like Chroma and Mesa. You can always sell this stuff on, either at the Ducat Kiosks in preparation for Baro Ki’Teer or trade them to other players for Platinum, especially when Baro Ki’Teer is around. While I recommend against doing “primed junk” trades, you can often sell various Warframe sets for a little bit of Platinum each while selling off things like Paris Prime parts and Fang Prime blueprints for ducats. Heck, even Requiem Relics are worth opening since those Requiem Mods have limited uses, so it’s always good to restock.

Simply put, if you do void fissures on the regular, you never have to worry about Baro Ki’Teer, Platinum or Liches… ever again!


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