Completely Giving Up On The Pokemon Go Battle League

I mentioned a while back that there was now a ranked battle league in Pokemon Go. I thought it was cool back then. But now? It sucks. To the point that I have given up on it completely. It’s just not worth your time or your Premium Passes. Why? There’s loads of reasons why!

Weirdly Small Metas

Despite there being so many Pokemon, there’s already a massive, established meta. If you don’t have the meta-relevant Pokemon, you’re going to struggle. Or you’re going to spend a lot of stardust powering Pokemon up.

It’s not too awful in the Great League, since there’s a lot of Pokemon available under 1500CP. No Legendary Pokemon either. But the costs to power things up and give Pokemon second charge moves always increases. In the Master League, you’re almost expected to have Legendaries with multiple moves. That cost 100,000 stardust and 100 candy each. That’s not always feasible for the average player.

This isn’t too bad now that you can play in any league you want, but the problem is still there. Especially if you want to play Master League. Rewards are currently the same but that might change in the future…

Good Rewards are Almost Impossible to Obtain

You need 4 wins out of 5 to be able to get a decent reward in the form of a Pokemon encounter. Two out of 5 wins if you gamble with a Premium Raid Pass. If you’re playing with the free pass though, an 80% win rate is a HUGE ask for the average player. And that’s out of 5 games, meaning that losing 2 games means you have to finish any remaining games and then start from zero again.

Sure, you can currently get Legendary Pokemon from the 4-win Pokemon encounter, but you’re not… guaranteed one. Your first encounter is a guaranteed Snorlax, your second is a Scraggy. After that, it’s anyone’s guess what you can get. So even if you push through and win those matches, you could be rewarded with anything from a Tornadus to a shiny Giratina (or whatever the weekend raid boss is)… to a Tepig.

The stardust reward is pretty good, but the real meat of the rewards comes from the encounters, but good luck getting them… especially since…


I’ve heard nothing but complaints about bugs. The most notorious is the Weak Connection bug, which can do… literally anything. The words Weak Connection will appear and just interrupt whatever you are doing. Here’s a list of just some of the things I’ve seen posted on r/theSilphRoad, one of the main research hubs for Pokemon Go:

  • Being unable to attack
  • Being unable to use charge attacks
  • Having massive delays between attacks
  • Charge moves not charging up properly
  • The inability to switch Pokemon
  • Enemy Pokemon taking no damage
  • Enemy Pokemon somehow getting a third shield when you’re only supposed to have two

That’s also on top of general instability and bugs with the game. There are times where you can’t switch Pokemon at all. Sometimes the Switch Pokemon menu pops up at random. Occasionally your game just crashes. Crashes seem pretty common in the Go Battle League, as is being unable to connect entirely.

But for me, the last straw was losing a 7 game win streak, through no fault of my own. I was doing a battle, I was doing great and then… Nothing. I’d killed two of their Pokemon. They had no shields left. Yet I was suddenly doing no damage at all. I was furiously tapping, begging my Gligar to do literally anything. But nope. My Gligar slowly died, followed by my other two Pokemon, all of them unable to do anything.

A guaranteed victory turned into an unearned loss. If I’d been beaten fair and square, I would have shrugged and tried again, but it’s clear as day that skill is only part of the equation if you want to win.

This is not fun at all!

The problem with the Go Battle League is that it’s mostly luck. Not just luck in hoping you picked and started with the right Pokemon, but luck in hoping that the game actually works. And luck is no way to determine ranks and rewards!


Editor’s note: In season 2, the encounter was shifted to the 3rd win instead of the 4th, and the guaranteed Pokemon have changed. But all the legendaries and good rewards have also been removed from the pool, so you’ll mostly just get Skarmory or Gen5 Starters. And the Metagross is useless because it can’t learn Meteor Mash, and you’d have to spend 75,000 Stardust or an Elite TM to allow it to do so in the future.


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5 thoughts on “Completely Giving Up On The Pokemon Go Battle League

  • April 2, 2020 at 9:58 am

    Absolutely agree.. and honestly, it kinda blows my mind that this isn’t something that people are talking about more? Like, why are people just okay with this? This is a MAJOR flaw in the game – one that could very well be costing people actual, real-life money in cases where people are buying raid passes.. just to have them unfairly wasted from a loss that was due to Niantic and their shit programming, coupled with their obvious lack of concern for actually fixing the problem.

    After all, the more passes people have to buy, the better! So really, in their eyes, its a feature, not a bug. Yeahhh just keep buying more passes and try, TRY AGAIN! Nah. I’m over this stupid pvp garbage. Just a sad money-grab for the whales and cheaters to feel good about their undeserved wins. I’d like to see them introduce a league where Giratina isn’t allowed.. Then MAYBE it might actually be interested again with a little variation, god forbid.

    Right now, its just predictable and boring at best.. Frustrating and complete bullshit at worst. So really, not seeing the appeal anymore.

    Glad someone else is fine with calling it out for what it is and refusing to get wrapped up in the lifeless meta struggle that PvP has turned into. Sad they had to kill a part of the game with so much potential.

    • April 3, 2020 at 8:27 am

      The even weirder thing is that people are just going along with it. They’re happily spending tons of premium passes on this game, despite how buggy it is. Even on places like the Silph Road, everyone somewhat dismisses these things.

      It’s even more painful now that there’s no way to raid for many players right now. So this is the ONLY way to get legendaries.

  • May 23, 2020 at 2:22 am

    I was hoping the lag would be fixed by season 2. The season delay did nothing. Niantic has done literally nothing to address these lag issues. Getting destroyed by lag during battle is so rage inducing that i accidently damaged my phone due to anger. I use to look forward to pvp on pokemon go but now it just feels like playing russian roulette and seeing which game out of 3 I will be force disconnected from the game or the game crashes. Another rage inducing problem is charge moves not going off due to lag. The bubble is full but it wont fire. Niantic needs to switch to a turn based battle system if they cant spend the money to get better servers. If this doesnt resolve soon I am going to quit this frustrating game.

    • May 23, 2020 at 10:38 am

      For now, I think just ignore PvP. It’s not worth it, especially since they changed the rewards. Sure, you get an encounter at 3 wins rather than 4, but the encounter is 1. not a legendary and 2. normally something kinda crap.


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