WAY Too Many Events In Pokemon Go – Are Events Becoming A Problem?

Editor’s Note: This article’s kinda weird now that places are locking down because of COVID-19, but the article does still apply because the raid events ARE still happening, despite lock downs. The major difference is that these raid events have also turned into PVP events too.

Wow. This year has been absolutely jam-packed with events in Pokemon Go! We have had so much to do! In March alone, except for normal events like Community Days, we have had an event every weekend, with overlapping events too! In fact, it’s reached the point where I can’t keep up! What is going on? Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

We have a constant chain of events.

The events have been coming constantly, one after another. In March alone, we have a new Legendary every weekend. Last week we had Darkrai with his shiny form appearing for the first time. Next weekend, Coballion will appear with an exclusive move and a shiny form. The weekend after that, Lugia returns with an exclusive move. At least Giratina, who disappeared yesterday, was Altered Form, who offers nothing too new.

But on top of that, while Darkrai was around, we had a Team Rocket event too! An overlapping event alongside the Darkrai raids! And we also have Thundurus in Tier 5 raids too!

Players Can’t Keep Up

With events going on every weekend, it’s hard to find time to have a break! There’s always something going on. And that means there’s always a chance to miss out. You don’t want to miss out, do you? No, of course not! So go and play more Pokemon Go!

And that’s ignoring the appearance of the new mid-week mini events! The Wednesday raid hours aren’t as popular as they used to be but we now also have the mystery hour on Thursdays and the massive increased spawns on Tuesdays.

It feels more and more like Pay to Win…

This is a massive hit to F2Players. Assuming you get 50 coins every day and don’t do a raid on Thursday before a new raid legendary appears… that gets you 4-7 Raid Passes. You get 3 free raid passes for each of the days these legendaries are available. Most likely, unless you are swimming in coins or are very lucky, you won’t be getting new shinies. Or Pokemon with good IVs.

I suppose on the plus side, the Tier 5 raids so far have been pretty common, but they are also really tough fights. You can theoretically duo a Darkrai for example but you will take a lot of casualties. Which means needing tons of potions and revives. Many of which you may have wasted on the Team GO Rocket event.

Honestly, only the most prepared F2Players will be able to make the most of these events. Well, prepared players and people willing to spend a LOT of money on raid passes.

It Could Be Even Worse…

While March has been filled with raid-based events, it could be worse. Most of January and February’s events were egg-based. As in, all the event Pokemon could be found in eggs, rather than raids. Or PvP. Or Grunt battles. Sure, some of them spawned in the wild, but what about Riolu? That was a shiny event Pokemon and it was only found in 7km eggs.

This is bad because at least you know what you’re getting with raids. Sure, you have to spend a raid pass on every raid, but you can see what you’re getting. Eggs however always have massive pools of Pokemon. Meaning what you want is blocked and diluted by things you don’t want. For example, I wanted to try and get a shiny Riolu. But on top of having to walk 7km for every attempt, I ALSO had a stupidly high chance to hatch unwanted shit like Buizel. Literally no one wants to walk 7km for a Buizel.

Even with the 1 in 3 chance for the 7km eggs for the Pokemon Day event in February, it still took me 10 eggs to get one Squirtle!

I fear this isn’t going to change.

While it’s nice not seeing weeks of the normal, rather boring spawns, it is incredibly overwhelming. With so many events, I’m wondering if it’s better to skip and save my coins (and real life money) or to constantly play catch up.

And I am certain I am not alone in this either. It’s a real drain to my resources and, eventually, my wallet too.


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