Operation Scarlet Spear is Absolutely Pointless Solo

There’s a LOT of problems with Operation Scarlet Spear, which I’ll get to in time. But for me, right now, the biggest issue is that these missions are arbitrarily harder if you do them solo. You are forced to join a team if you want decent rewards or if you want, well, efficiency. There’s no way around it.

Limbo and what might actually be a scarlet spear.
Limbo and what might actually be a scarlet spear.

Is solo doable? Definitely.

In fact, solo is perfectly doable. With just a Limbo, you can make the Railjack mission simple as heck. The ground mission requires nothing more than a Sarpa to get rid of the Condix’s armour. I managed to easily do these two missions on my own despite being a mostly shitty player. You don’t need anything fancy, just something to protect the OpLinks and something to kill Sentients.

Really, both missions are laughably easy if you have half-decent gear. A squad makes things easier but you can cover every role on your own. With Condrixes, you can do both the task of protecting OpLinks and damaging the Condrix with one frame. With Murex, you can ignore most threats, even the enemies outside.

All you need is a Limbo, a Sarpa and a Rubico

For a budget option, you can solo both missions with three items. A Limbo Prime with a potato in it will do the job of protecting the OpLinks. Meanwhile the Sarpa will remove armour off Condrixes with Shattering Impact. The Rubico is just an all-round great option for shooting Condrixes, but you could use a myriad of weapons. The Kuva Bramma is a more expensive option. The Opticor is a cheaper option.

My Sarpa build
I mean, just look at how cheap this build is. I don’t even have a potato on my Sarpa! Probably don’t even need the Primed Reach either.

Here are all the builds I’m using. None of it is that hard to get a hold of, except the Riven Mod for my Rubico Prime. Limbo Prime IS about to be vaulted, but normal Limbo works fine, same with Volt VS Volt Prime. The other stuff is all up to you, but I wouldn’t take bad gear in. You don’t get much experience and are often in a rush, so you don’t want to mess around.

Is solo worth it though?

Fuck no.

It’s slow and tedious. You are actively punished with slower upload times and download times for playing solo. The more people you have in a squad with an OpLink deployed, the faster things go. This applies to both sides.

Why punish us for this? Whether you want to play with people or not, you are kinda screwed if you are solo. You do the same work, you just sit there for longer. I understand having more people means more benefits, but these missions aren’t that hard! They’re even less hard in fact, if you just do 2-3 of each mission, jump out and restart!

But if you decide to go solo, you just find yourself waiting for longer. You’re not doing things efficiently, instead you’re just wasting time when you could do more Murexes or Condrixes in a larger squad.

I understand wanting to reward teamwork, but that doesn’t mean that solo players should find themselves waiting longer for no real reason.


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