Abra Community Day – Probably One of the Better Days Yet

Gonna be honest, the Abra Community Day was great! Unlike many other community days, I feel like this one actually stands out! Lots of Abra, lots of chances to play even if you don’t get local spawns, and lots of shinies! They even made Abra easier to catch during the event. This event was great, and I want to talk about it.

Shiny Abra hiding in a library
Shiny Abra hiding in a library

This was probably one of the most accessible Community Days yet.

Normally, for a good community day, you need a place with good spawns and plenty of Pokestops. You need as many Pokeballs as you can get your hands on. And you also need spawns that refresh on a regular basis.

The Abra Community Day though lasts for 6 hours and can be played just by using incense. Incense during the event lasts for 3 hours, meaning you can do the whole event with just 2 incense, or have a normal community day with just 1. With a spawn every minute, a single Incense will give you about 180 Pokemon, so you are basically guaranteed an Alakazam to evolve during the event.

So players not only have plenty of time to play, rather than rushing in a 3 hour period, but even if you are stuck indoors, you can still catch tons of Abra.

“What about Pokeballs?”

Well don’t worry, if you have a Great Buddy or higher, you get given 50 Pokeballs every half hour. Which is bloody insane. Combined with the increased Pokeballs in gifts, you’ll probably have plenty of Pokeballs.

And even if you have no incense and no nearby spawns, you can at least get 5 guaranteed Abra. How? Abra will pop up in photo bombs with your buddy.

The other bonuses are great.

Extra stardust is always useful, so even if you absolutely hate Abra, you can get a ton of Stardust. And by a ton, I mean a ton. Stardust gains are tripled in this event, meaning 1 Abra will get you 300 stardust, plus 75 if weather boosted. With a Star Piece, one Abra gives you 450 stardust, or a total of 562 stardust if Abra is weather boosted.

One thing I also noticed is that, at least for me, I got a lot of weird spawns in my incense. Not only did I get Abras, but I got a lot of other Pokemon too. I had some Eevees spilling over from the current buddy event. But I also saw a Dewott, multiple Dwebbles, Bulbasaurs and Totodiles, Onix, Pinsir, and, weirdly, a Seadra. This is on top of standard spawns like Bidoof and Pidove.

The only odd thing is Counter on Alakazam. It’s a weird choice of move which is only really particularly good in PvP, as it gives Alakazam some coverage. That being said, Alakazam is a glass cannon, so he might not be that good in PvP anyway, especially since he doesn’t get STAB.

Stupidly good stats on an Abra I found in the wild.
Stupidly good stats on an Abra I found in the wild.

The little quest is fun too.

Abra Community Day also had a little mini-quest, similar to the Genesect quest. For a dollar (or a Euro), you get access to a 4-stage quest. The quest gives you some basic rewards, like a Poffin and a Team Rocket radar, things that would be more expensive if you bought them with coins.

The quest however is insanely simple. You mostly just catch Abra, make some Nice and Great throws and transfer Pokemon. But doing so does guarantee you a good (2-star minimum) Alakazam, as well as 2 Abras (which can be shiny), a Kadabra and a lot of stardust.

You’re not missing out on not getting the quest, it’s totally optional, but for the price of one dollar, it’s definitely not the worst thing that can happen.

Really, my only criticism is the price of the Community Day box.

For 1220 coins, you get very, very little. 3 Incense, 3 super incubators, 30 Ultra Balls and 1 Elite TM. Frankly it’s a bit of a rip off but I really wanted that second Elite TM and I did have most of the coins for the box anyway. Still, for that amount of money, I feel like we could have gotten more items in it. Maybe throw in some more incense or whatever. Or even have a second box without the Elite TM in it.

Aside from that though, it was a good day!

There were tons of Abra, there were plenty of Pokeballs and I got a ton of shinies. I definitely can’t complain about anything apart from the Community Day box.


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