Amplified Minecraft, Session 1

I have always wanted to do an Amplified Minecraft run. However, my laptop has never been powerful enough to support it.

That changed when I found out about Optifine. Optifine managed to allow me to play in Amplified with somewhat bearable graphics, as opposed to before where I can’t play Amplified even with bare minimum graphics. So today, I started my first proper Amped Minecraft run.

I spawned in a taiga, chopped down a few spruce trees and gathered as much sweet berries as I can find. I then wandered off to look for a good place to set up a new base. And I found one two minutes later.


I decided to make this sky island into my main base. I can use that stream of water to go up to or leave the sky island, and will be safe from most hostiles. I can have a small berry farm on top, but most of my food production (wheat farm and livestock) and mining facilities will definitely be on the ground.


The main challenge of Amped Minecraft is the lack of flatlands. This makes expansions and construction rather annoying. Not to mention, ores and such still largely spawn below Y=64, or 64 blocks high from the bottom of the world. That is a bit harder to access in an Amped world since most of the world is quite a bit higher than Y=64.

However, the absolutely massive mountains and floating sky islands that are rare to the point of non-existence in regular Minecraft makes for a nice change of scenery. And it also gives a chance for base-building on these rare landscapes.

I used those ladders to let me hang on for dear life as I mine out a small notch for me to climb into from the water stream. I probably could have just placed one block on the side of the island and started mining. I wasn’t the wisest.

I managed to carve out a small chamber right past the water source block, just enough space to place my crafting table and a furnace. I then dug a shaft straight up to the top of the sky island. The island is only a few blocks wide at that point, which I discovered to my surprise when I accidentally mined through it. The sky island is a bit more spacious at other parts though, which will be where my base will be.

I tidied up the puddle at the bottom into a 5×5 pool in a cobblestone ring. Not really necessary, I just don’t like water spilling everywhere. It’ll also free up more of the limited flat-ish ground there for me to use later on.

There’s going to be a lot of things to do here. To start, I’ll need to build a proper base with storage and furnaces, get a bed, start my berry farm and light everything up. Aside for those, I’ll need a wheat farm, find some cows, sheep and chicken, start mining, and do other standard Minecraft things. However, those things can wait. Survival first, better living later.

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