I Miss My Ignis

In my quest to finish leveling every weapon in the game, I’ve been neglecting my Ignis. It’s been sitting there, unused, for ages. While the Ignis still sits at the top of my most-used primary weapons, I actually haven’t touched it in a long, long time.

In fact, even after I finished leveling everything up, my Ignis remains somewhat untouched.

Why though?

Why did I abandon my Ignis?

Well, simply put, I’ve been using other weapons lately. Out of the last 10 weapons I needed to level up for mastery, all of them except one were primary weapons. The Kuva Ayanga is an Archwing gun, everything else was a Kuva Primary or the Dera Vandal. Even before that, I was leveling up the Basmu and the Baza Prime.

So frankly, I haven’t been able to equip the Ignis, because all of these primary weapons that need leveling up. There’s no way to equip two primaries, sadly… Unless you use the Twin Grakatas. But I don’t see us getting a Twin literally-any-other-primary any time soon.

I still use it, despite having an Ignis Wraith.

Even then though, I have an Ignis Wraith with 5 forma in it, so why would I use the Ignis in the first place? Well, I do still use the Ignis. Sure, it doesn’t have the same critical chance or fire rate as the Wraith variant. But that doesn’t matter. I still have a use for the Ignis! In fact, I use it for strange and fun builds.

Or at least I did, until the Silent Blast build I had was killed. These days I tend to use the Ignis for making the daily Nightwave challenges easier. I can do this without messing around with established builds on my Ignis Wraith. And because my Ignis has 6 Forma in it, I can fit pretty much any build on it. Almost.

I mean, I can’t stick a bunch of rank 15 mods on it, but I can try.

Occasionally I'll use other frames, but look, there's that Ignis again!
Occasionally I’ll use other frames, but look, there’s that Ignis again!

“But the Ignis is a dumb, spammy weapon!”

You know what? You’re right. The Ignis is a spammy flamethrower. But we’re playing a horde shooter here, and there’s tons of enemies to flame. Especially if you’re playing an exterminate mission. You can just spray fire everywhere and let the corrosion and viral bodies in those flames murder everyone.

Sure, low level enemies die to most things, but the Ignis and its bursts of flame are super satisfying. Especially against Infested.

At least the Ignis though leaves enemies for other people to kill. These days, the new super dumb, super spammy weapon is the Kuva Bramma. This explosive bow can pretty easily wipe out most rooms. And it does so to far higher enemies than even the Ignis Wraith can manage.

This is what using my Ignis looks like. Normally I can't see much past all the damn lightning from Volt's SPEED ability.
Mindlessly murdering Infested.

Sometimes I just want to turn my brain off.

At the end of the day though, sometimes I just want to burn things. Give myself a bit of mindless carnage. And the Ignis, no matter what, is still a great way to murder things. I can just run around and vaguely shoot at things and everything dies. It’s great. And it’s genuinely relaxing.

So, no matter what, I will still love and use my Ignis. And now I’m done with leveling things, maybe I can begin to use it again.

At least, until the next new thing to level comes out…


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