A Handy Guide to Every Baro Ki’Teer Ever – What Should You Buy from Baro?

Baro Ki’Teer is a snobbish bastard from Mars who visits one of the Tenno relays every 2 weeks. Each time he comes, he’ll appear on a Friday and disappear on Sunday. Baro Ki’Teer will bring various “treasures from the Void”, all of which require Ducats and lots of credits to purchase. Now, as a new player, or even as an old player, it can be difficult to decide what to buy. Luckily, you are currently reading a guide which should help you make the right decision!

Before you buy

Before you do anything though, you need credits and ducats. Credits are easy to get. A single high risk Index run is enough to buy a lot of the items Baro brings. The credit costs do stack up though and it is easy to spend a million credits by accident. Just keep an eye on your spending.

You also need lots of ducats. Ducats are obtained by trading Primed parts to Ducat Kiosks on relays. Now, before you sell off all your primed parts, especially those tasty-looking 100 ducat items, you should always have a look at what you have. Items like Paris Prime and Braton Prime components are fine, but I’d recommend not trading away things you don’t own yet. You should also keep hold of any rare Warframe parts you have. They’re generally more valuable as Prime Parts than ducats.

What to prioritize

The main thing to buy are Primed Mods. Not just any Primed Mods though. You want to grab the mods you will definitely use. For example, Primed Continuity is a guaranteed buy. You use that on pretty much every Warframe. The same with Primed Flow, which is useful on literally everyone.

But not all Primed Mods are automatically good. There are 4 Primed mods for every weapon type that only increase damage against certain enemies. These “faction” mods are not useful at all except for min-maxing and you can safely skip these. Basically, if you will definitely use the primed mod and already use the normal version, then get it. If not, then you can skip it.

You also want to prioritize weapons. Not all Prisma, Wraith or Vandal weapons are good, but they are guaranteed to be better than their normal versions. Unless you are on Switch though, never buy the Ignis Wraith. Many people, myself included, will give out the blueprint for free if you ask for it.

What to ignore

There are however plenty of items that you can ignore completely. For example, 90% of the non-Primed mods that Baro brings. In fact, the only non-primed mods you should get are the Electric/Status mods for rifles, shotguns, pistols and melee, and Primed Chamber. Most of the non-prime mods Baro brings are mods that can be farmed elsewhere, or purchased for less than 10 Platinum from another player.

You can also safely ignore pretty much all consumables. All of the Specters Baro brings are bad and the other consumables aren’t great either. If you need stuff from Zanuka or the Gustragg Three, then do invasions. And the fireworks are literally a waste of Ducats. You can get the resource boosters if you are really considering farming a lot. But since they activate as soon as you buy them, I’d suggest you skip them unless you 100% are going to make the most out of them.

Other bits and pieces, like the Captura scenes are mostly pointless and only useful if you, uh, use Captura at all. Once you have completed Sands of Inaros, you can safely skip that as well.


If you are strapped for Ducats, then I’d suggest skipping cosmetics. That being said, like all things Baro brings, those cosmetics will always return. If you really want cosmetics, then I would go for the colour palettes before anything else because you can use those on pretty much anything.

You can however completely safely skip the ship decorations. They’re expensive for what they are and don’t even look that good. You can even skip Pedestal Prime if you want to. I believe that Pedestal Prime is probably the best choice in ship decoration, simply because 1 million credits is easier to obtain than similar amounts in Ducats. But most of the time, you are the only person who will see your ship interior, so why bother?

New things

Shiny new things are hard to judge. Often you want to buy the new shiny things, but the question is whether they are worth it or not. I generally tend to use the rule of whether they are useful or not and whether I will definitely use the new thing as soon as I buy it. If you need to buy other things and it’s just a cosmetic? You can probably leave it. But a brand new Primed Mod that looks useful? I’d buy it as soon as you can.

I do however always try to buy new weapons when they appear. Because you never know how good they are and you don’t know how long you’ll need to wait for them to come back.

Making Platinum

When it comes to making Platinum though, ideally you want to grab things that won’t come back in a while and are always useful. The only real money-makers are the useful Primed Mods and the electric/status mods, simply because they are always in demand. Keep in mind that you need 1 million credits to buy a Primed Mod off another player, so expect to have to turn people away because they don’t have enough credits.

Remember that Baro always comes back.

Finally, don’t worry too much if you miss something. Baro will always cycle through his inventory and bring back old items again in about 3-4 months. You can always save up more ducats and credits later. Whatever Baro brings, he brings back. And everything he brings will always be in the Tennocon relay, if you are really desperate…


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