5 Tiny Little Warframe Things I Forgot To Do

When you’re looking around scrounging for the last few scraps of mastery, you tend to look quite deeply. This often leads to things you might have missed out on. Like the Dera Vandal. But there’s also a bunch of other things I’ve actually forgotten to do too! Here’s a few things that are worth checking to see if you have done.

Finish grinding Vent Kids Standing

I’m only like rank 2 with the Vent Kids. But honestly, getting standing for the Vent Kids kinda sucks. There’s only one reliable option, and that’s to do races. But unlike affinity for K-Drives themselves, you’re limited by standard Syndicate standing. 29,000 standing a day sounds like a lot, but it still takes 2 days to get from rank 1 to rank 2. And, frankly, I have all the K-Drives because I bought 3 of them with Platinum. 162 platinum well spent, to save me grinding all the way to max rank and then some.

Nova on a K-Drive. Technically it's faster to use Nova's portals, but whatever.
Nova on a K-Drive. Technically it’s faster to use Nova’s portals, but whatever.

Play Conclave

Speaking of untouched Syndicates, I’ve never played any Conclave matches. At least, not officially. I’ve done a handful of Lunaro games with clan mates but that’s about it. But unless you’re set to Public Matchmaking, any match you play doesn’t count. So, even though I did play Lunaro a few times, my stats for Conclave are a big, fat zero.

Then again, public matchmaking isn’t that great. The only real way to get a match is to set your region to North America or Europe and play in the late evening when other people may or may not be online. Playing at non-peak hours often leads to empty lobbies.

Find all the Kurias

Kurias are tiny little Orokin statues hidden around various Grineer and Corpus maps. Mostly Grineer ones. With each scanned Kuria, you unlock more of the story behind the Twin Queens. Collecting all of them nets you some little rewards, like an emblem and a ship decoration.

There are other, similar hidden items, but they are even more of a pain in the ass to find. On Jupiter, there are partnership fragments hidden around. These are hidden away in nooks and crannies all over Jupiter Gas City missions and are separate to the doors with codes on them. the Orb Vallis and Plains of Eidolon also have scan-able items. The Plains have Glass Fish, which tell you about the story of Gara. The Orb Vallis debt bonds are even harder to find. They’re so tiny that Helios is really the only reasonable way to find them.

A Data Hash, found in a cave on the Orb Vallis
A Data Hash, found in a cave on the Orb Vallis. The lore-based ones are shaped like Debt Bonds. And are the same size. I haven’t actually found one with my own eyes yet.

Replay the War Within and the Sacrifice

After all this time, I never got around to replaying these quests. I still dislike the War Within and the whole forcing players to be space kids. I don’t find the kids interesting at all. The Sacrifice is at least a bit better. And it has replayability in the form of Somachord fragments. Annoyingly though, you need to replay the quest several times to get all the Somachord fragments. The Sacrifice is a good quest, but it’s not play-it-three-times good.

There’s also Somachord fragments on the Orb Vallis, but they’re impossible to find.

Max out a Vitality Mod

This is… more my own fault than anyone else’s. I just never got around to completely maxing out a Vitality mod. Or a Redirection mod. Luckily, I have plenty of credits and Endo to do so. But I just… completely forgot about them. Being one away from max rank on those mods clearly didn’t affect me that much… I think?

Oh well. Just goes to show that any idiot can hit MR28. Or MR29 if they’re a founder.


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