Nightwave Season 3 Is Basically Already Finished

As of this week, if you have done every single Nightwave task so far, you’ve probably reached level 30. If you have done most of them and skipped a few dailies, then level 30 should be available next week. It’s been, what, five weeks? And Nightwave Season 3 is basically already finished if you play regularly.

So, how was it?

Hitting level 30 Nightwave
Hitting level 30 Nightwave


Overall, I’d give this season a solid meh/10. It’s nice that we got enemies to farm extra standing from right off the bat, but, if I’m truly honest, this might as well been more of Nightwave Intermission 2. There was nothing particularly special going on, and it has the same slow start that the Emissary had. We’re guaranteed going to get some sort of twist or boss fight later on. However, if it’s anything like the Emissary or the Wolf of Saturn Six, the fight will end up never being seen again or be one node that no one plays after beating it once.

The Tasks were alright?

At least, we had a little variety, especially in the daily tasks. Sure, half of them were your standard “kill 150 enemies with X status type” but we got a few unique ones, like knocking up 5 enemies with a heavy slam attack, and doing a mission with just a primary. The “complete a mission” Nightwave task also popped by, which is always amusing.

We also had a broken task, but that got fixed. Sadly, despite me doing the Hijack a Crew Ship challenge, I never actually got the standing for it. Doesn’t matter though because it’s not like we don’t have much time to get more standing. Of course, the 1000 standing weekly task (Hijack a Crew Ship and kill 3 enemies with it) worked no problem.

While people overall seemed to not like the additional tasks (mainly Liches, Railjack and Disruption), I think the Railjack ones are fine. Even with a crappy Railjack, you can just do the easy Earth missions, since any mission counts. The “Kill or Convert a Lich” task though hasn’t appeared yet, and that one will be somewhat problematic.

The rewards were also alright?

I’m actually less sure this time, because the cosmetic rewards just aren’t as cool. The Saturn Six cosmetics all mesh together really well. The Infested Emissary cosmetics all look really good, even if they are hard to match with non-infested things. But the Glassmaker stuff is all kinda weird. And not because it all has this weird, purple sheen. The shoulder pieces don’t match with the syandana or the small sugatra we got early on. These cosmetics don’t seem to match with anything else either…

On the other hand, Nora Night’s landing craft thing is pretty damn cool. But again, it doesn’t match any of the Glassmaker gear.

Volt with the new shoulder armour and Synoid Pyrana skin
Volt with the new shoulder armour and Synoid Pyrana skin

I suppose at least we got another Umbral Forma and a Warframe slot. That was handy for Protea.

I’ve mentioned the story before but it’s still lame.

I actually do find it rather… weird that we have lots of people getting to level 30 and us being… kinda done with the story. I know murder mysteries are supposed to be slow burners but we’re five-six weeks in and we have the murderer’s name and motives but no… data that feels worthwhile. It all feels like an issue the Tenno aren’t really supposed to be dealing with.

At least it’s out of the way now.

I’ll definitely still do Nightwave tasks, mainly because I always need Nitain and there’s a few mods I don’t have yet. But as far as I’m actually concerned? Glassmaker is finished. It’s now no different from the 6 month intermission.


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