Who The Fuck IS Nora Night?

There are tons of mysterious entities in Warframe. From Erra, the Sentient brother of the Lotus, to Onkko and the Quills, all the way to Paladino, Ergo Glast and the Syndicate leaders, we have a lot of crazies. All these strange people who easily communicate with us. Some of these beings only appear once in quests. Or they appear in snapshots and visions, like Erra and the Man in the Wall. But there’s one person who came out from absolutely nowhere.

I know we’ve talked about Nightwave a lot lately, but we need to have a look at Nora Night.

Nora Night, or what we see of her
Nora Night, or what we see of her

Who the fuck is Nora Night?

This is a question I can’t really answer. Actually no one can really answer it. At least, not definitively. She’s the voice of the pirate radio station Nightwave. She can send transmissions to the player directly and you can hear her broadcasts if you turn on the radio in your ship.

Nora Night is also in charge of Nightwave, and occasionally informs us of “breaking news” in the form of a group of rogue Grineer who broke out of a prison, a rogue Infested cult and a rogue Cephalon who turns people into glass. If you listen in to the radio scanner however, you can hear other news stories as well, like the Corpus experimenting on turning hazardous waste into food, or giving out warnings about space pirates. Listen closely and you’ll hear some vaguely motivational AND de-motivational stuff. Quite odd.

This mysterious mistress is also another being who guides the Tenno and gives them lots of shinies.

People giving us shinies isn’t that strange.

Let’s be blunt here. If you saw a Warframe, you’d probably want to stay on its good side. Nora knows this and gives us a lot of incentives. Maybe too many incentives. We’ve done a lot of murdering for very little, but Nora really gets under her skin. She even has a quote for this:

“Does your backbrain feel that reptile tickle of a reward? Do you see that bobbing light ahead, floating through the marsh of what is to come, promising you more and more and more? Do follow, Dreamers, into that sweet black tomorrow?”

Frankly, this is worrying. And this isn’t like Invasions, where we briefly fight for some Corpus or Grineer for some of their unbroken mechanical bits (rather than building Fieldrons and Detonite Injectors ourselves). Nora gives us things we want. Which would be fine and dandy, but how does Nora know all of this? How does she work?

The question is, how does Nora Night have so many connections?

As far as I can tell, Nora Night is one person. Yet she is in cahoots with pretty much everyone. Capable of getting pretty much anywhere. Nora not only has access to the folks in Cetus and Fortuna but she has shown she can get in and grab information from the Corpus elite. AND Nora seems to have some sort of access to the Cephalon Weave, a place that isn’t meant for soft-bodied normal people.

“So what Nora has connections!”

Yeah but she has just as many connections as the Quills, despite seemingly being one person with a radio station. She says she has “sources”, but sources only get you so far. Somehow though, Nora Night has the same well of knowledge as a secretive society which has the ability to work between different timelines and make adjustments to the damn future.

Traded in one mother for another.

Really, Nora has somewhat taken the Lotus’s place. The Lotus disappeared, so we replaced her with a different well-spoken mother figure who gives the Tenno nice things. And, just like the Lotus, Nora Night has a vast network of connections and a huge amount of power. While also being equally mysterious. As in

The last question I have to ask is… how will Nora Night abandon us and betray us in the future, and who is Nora Night a puppet for? Because, if I know my Warframe lore well, that’s what always happens.


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