Wait, a Brief Period Without Event Spawns?

The three Ultra Weeks have just finished in Pokemon Go. Aside from some small make-up mini-events, we have no event right now. The calm before the next storm. But this is actually… kinda weird. We’ve had events for so long that we haven’t really had any time with no weird events going on. There’s no special eggs, no special raids, nothing.

It’s… kinda peaceful.

We get to see more Pokemon, kinda.

When you have an event, spawns are pretty limited. You see whatever is in the event and not much else. The Enigma Event had tons of Staryu spawning, as well as Baltoy and Elgeyem. You’d see the odd Solrock or Lunatone or whatever, but the spawns were basically restricted. During the dragon week, normal spawns were taken over with a plentiful serving of Trapinch, Swablu and Dratini. All good spawns, but if you have a research task like, for example, catch 5 electric types, it is impossible to do, because there’s dragons (or kinda dragons) everywhere.

For a new player, they might actually get to see what normal spawns are like, because we have had non-stop events for the last 3 months or so, and they’ve been constant since January.

Although I doubt we’ll ever actually see a wild Axew or Deino. The chances of them spawning is basically zero. Event or no event.

“But Medic! The crap spawns are back!”

Yeah but the crap spawns are around no matter what. Throughout Unova Week, we were inundated with Cacnea, Roselia and other common ‘trash’ spawns. In fact, normal spawns made up about 50% of the spawns, in an event that was supposed to be all about a specific region. And at the same time, we had similar spawns for Unova week as we did for the pre-GO Fest ‘Champions’ week after we did all those pre-GO Fest tasks.

But without all these events, literally anything can spawn. There’s even less of a chance of a Magneton spawning during an event than not during an event. But I saw one in the wild this morning. Saw a few wild Pokemon that I haven’t seen in ages, actually. Things like Machop, Rhyhorn, Sandshrew, Meowth and… Glameow. A Unova Pokemon who did not appear at all in the Unova event.

And this also means we have a chance to catch the Pokemon that debuted in an event and then immediately disappeared. Remember when Ducklett was released? Have you seen one since? Of course not. But with the Unova week over, I actually saw one in the wild. I mean, it SHOULD have spawned in the Unova event, what with it also being a Unova Pokemon, but oh well.

We can also take a break on eggs and raids.

The current Raid Boss is Heatran, who was last seen back in January. Eggs no longer have any special crap in them, so we can open those again without any worries. I don’t actually know what’s in 7km eggs right now, but that’s absolutely fine, because they’re not special 7km eggs with rare chances at good or useful or new Pokemon. Raids are even more relaxed, because we’re not chasing a mythical, we’re looking at a useful, but tradeable Legendary who doesn’t take too much effort.

In fact, raids are great right now, because we FINALLY have the return of heavy hitters like Machamp, and Tyranitar, as well as old favourites Mawile and Shinx. Instead of utterly retarded shit in raids, like whatever the new shiny is. Seriously, no one wants to do a Staryu raid when there’s five spawned by your feet.

At long last, we can finally relax a little. At least, until the next event…


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