A Quick Ramble About the Heart of Deimos Intro Quest

It’s kinda sad, really. I’m so damn exhausted for real life that I’m too tired to actually play video games. Despite the fact that the massive 3GB Heart of Deimos update just landed. Amazingly though, on my crappy internet, the download somehow went by quite quickly, and I got to at the very least play the intro quest. This quest is… not what I expected.

I honestly didn’t think that a good 60% of the quest would be listening to family squabbles.

By the way, this is going to be a SPOILER HEAVY ARTICLE. If you don’t want to be spoiled, turn away now.

Are they gone?

Okay, let’s talk.

A Tenno speaks to Loid, the Cephalon servant of the Entrati.
A Tenno speaks to Loid, the Cephalon servant of the Entrati.

The Heart of Deimos Quest is mostly squabbling.

You go from family member to family member and hear them bitch about each other, while doing various missions. Eventually, you do reunite them and get them all working together, but only during a massive catastrophe that could destroy reality if you don’t fix it. Something you have to do because the Heart of Deimos is connected to you even though you don’t know it.

There’s lots of cool lore in here too, but it’s mostly obscured by, well, all the arguing and bitching at each other. We don’t even have time to talk about the mysterious Necramech that fucks everything up because the family are all squabbling.

Even Loid, the little Cephalon guy, isn’t immune. He constantly chatters with his other half, Otak. It’s like Ordis’s mental problems except a billion times worse. Kinda reminds me of a Ratchet and Clank character though and I don’t know why.

So you get to know everyone and that’s kinda it.

The Heart of Deimos quest is mainly a quest about getting to know the Entrati family. You get to meet each member in turn, do a small chore for them and then move on to the next person, basically. They only go by family names. You have Mother, Father, Daughter and Son mainly. They are all inside these weird flesh lotus flower things. But they’re not really your family.

There’s missed opportunities here though. We could have had some quest dialogue of some sort, but we only get a handful of them. One is an exposition dump from Mother, and one is about Sister and a birthday present. We could have at least gotten more exposition dumps and conversations, because the characters, assholes that they are, are actually pretty cool to talk to.

That is, until you get to the actual Heart of Deimos.

It almost annoys me how long it takes for anything to happen. It’s not actually a long time at all, just a  fetch quest for each of the family members. But the squabbles just seem so annoying when apparently the multiverse might collapse. Loid suggests you go and make a damage report on the Heart, so that’s where you go. It’s down a series of infested-filled tunnels (like everything else on the Cambrion Drift really). Hidden behind a door, with Requiem symbols on it.

You go inside and there’s, well, an actual mechanical heart. When they say “Heart of Deimos”, they’re not lying. But as you’re helping Loid scan for damages, something comes… through and you get knocked out. You then have to limp out with no health, no weapons and no Warframe abilities, while avoiding Nekramechs that want to kill you.

Once you make it out safely, you then immediately head back in there with a golden skeletal mech of your own, controlled by your Space Kid, murder fucktons of infested, repair the heart then fight a Nekramech and save the day.

I’m left with way, way more questions than answers.

I didn’t really expect many answers. But I kinda got none. Like, why is everyone a massive flesh flower?

And who the fuck was the person who broke the heart in the first place? Dialogue suggests that Grandmother possibly triggered the whole mess, but I can’t tell because we get basically no information. We get tons of little data nodules but no concrete information. Or even slices of data. We don’t even get any information about what the heart even does. It’s all just “wooo mystery!”

I’m kinda tired of it. But I’ll push onwards.

Sadly, I didn’t manage to record any of this.

I had initially intended to record the whole quest for a SPUF of Legend video. But I can barely run the Cambrion Drift at a nice 30 FPS, let alone optimal frame rates for recording. Which sucks, because a lot of this is stuff you kinda need to see to understand.

Oh well. Time to dive into the horrible world of syndicate farming for the Entrati. Which, from the token-based looks of it, looks bloody awful.


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