The Token Standing System of the Entrati

The Entrati family are the syndicate system of the Heart of Deimos. They fulfill the same role as Solaris United and Cetus. Basically, all your fishing, all your floofs, all your items come from them. And, of course, there’s a family figure there to give you guidance and bounties. However, while the Entrati do use the syndicate system of leveling up, they do so somewhat differently.

Everything is done with fancy tokens.

When you do a bounty for Mother, you don’t get straight up standing. You get a bunch of Mother Tokens. You can then trade the Mother Tokens in to Grandmother for standing. The low level bounty gives anywhere between 12 and 18 Mother tokens, which, when converted, is about 1200-1800 standing. Mother tokens though are pretty easy to come by, as you get tokens for all bounties. The Steel Path bounty gives over 100 Mother tokens, that’s 10,000 standing!

Mother, the leader of the Entrati family.
Mother, the leader of the Entrati family.

Everyone else gives you tokens too.

You also no longer gain standing from fishing or conservation either. Instead, you cut up your fish and capture your animals and trade them. For more tokens. You actually have to cut up all your fish, there’s no option to donate them like you do on Cetus and Fortuna. Which actually means that there’s no real to keep them. At the same time, we have no reason to go for perfect animal captures, because Son only really cares about the tags.

Otak is around to take your extra minerals off your hands, and you can also get tokens from Father by trading in common resources. Father is basically a vastly inferior cross between Rude Zuud and Ticker, but at some point he’s going to give us Infested kitguns.

All these people give you tokens instead of standing. Father, Otak and Daughter tokens are all worth 100 standing, Son tokens are worth 500 standing because they require more work.

Just take all the shiny tokens to Grandmother…

Once you have your tokens, you trade them in to Grandmother for standing. Or you trade your normal tokens in for Grandmother tokens. Grandmother tokens tend to give more standing than normal ones. The most common trade is 10 Mother tokens for 1 Grandmother token, which is worth 1500 standing. So you get about 50% more, although you have to do a little more work.

But Grandmother tokens are more valuable in other ways too, since Grandmother also sells most of the captura scenes and a certain item required to level up and build half the new weapons.

Anyway, back to standing.

The great thing about this system is that you’ll NEVER hit the daily standing cap while doing bounties or other activities. Unlike Fortuna or Cetus, I can keep on fishing, doing conservation or bounties and I’ll still get tons of tokens I can trade in for standing later. None of my standing is ever wasted because it’s all preserved inside tokens, which I can trade in at will. This is a huge upgrade to the normal Syndicate standing. Okay, sure, it’s basically the Medallion system that normal Syndicates have, but you don’t specifically need to do bounties to get them.

The downside? You still have the daily cap. Sure, I have 400 Mother tokens right now, but I also have a daily cap of 30,000 standing. Which means I can only trade in 300 of those tokens before having to wait 24 hours. It’s even worse when you’re not a high MR. People complain about MR8 players getting access to the Helminth system, but it takes far longer for them to actually get there, a minimum of 8 days if they max out their standing, plus a guaranteed 2 more days to get the 15k needed for the component itself.

There is one last downside though. These tokens ARE massive resource sinks. Especially the Tags for Son and Daughter. Instead of spending my hard-earned tags on more floofs or keeping fish for my aquarium, I kinda have to spend them to get more tokens.

Oh well. That’s not too bad. Especially since I can stockpile tokens as much as I like.


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