The Nidoran Limited Research Event

Normally I like these limited research events. Catch a bunch of Pokemon, do some tasks, maybe get a shiny. Normally you end up spending a ton of Pokeballs and resources but the shiny chances are often boosted. Not as much as community days, but still overall pretty good. That being said, we’ve had one per month for the last few months, and, well, I’m getting bored of them.

Nidoran Limited Research is no different.

Really, the only difference between the Nidoran Limited Research and those for Drifloon and Meowth is that there’s two Pokemon instead of one. Although, in all honesty, the gendered Nidoran only just scrapes by when it comes to being two different Pokemon. I suppose at least they do genuinely look different, but I find it odd that the gendered thing only really happened once. Still, here it means we get a chance at two different types of shiny. All the shiny Nidorans are nice except for Nidoqueen, which goes a weird green colour

A bunch of Nidorans
A bunch of Nidorans

There are no wild spawns at all.

Outside of the limited research though, Nidoran doesn’t exist. You might see one naturally spawning if it’s cloudy and you’re in the right biome. But throughout the event, it was nothing but the Lake Spirit and 12 Days of Friendship spawns. And those spawns are mostly water spawns, which are kinda boring. I’m genuinely surprised though that we didn’t get any Nidorans at all, not in raids, not in eggs, not anywhere. Heck, we didn’t even get them appearing in snapshots.

Okay, sure, you get tons from the research, but finding wild ones is cool too. It just seems so weird having an event with a Pokemon and that Pokemon not being found anywhere at all.

The tasks are all mostly easy.

It’s just catching random Pokemon, and making different types of throws. And occasionally transferring, evolving or feeding Pokemon. Unfortunately for me, I’m held back by the lack of spawns. For obvious reasons, I can’t really go outside, so I’m stuck with the spawns around my house. And they take ages to refresh.

The downside is that they’re all boring. It’s three tasks, then the same three tasks but slightly different. And then three new tasks, repeated again but slightly different. It’s even MORE repetitive than other researches because the repeats are right after each other.

This research also felt way shorter than previous research tasks. The Drifloon one went on forever. For Nidoran though, I was done in about an hour and a half.

Seriously though, FUCK the “make great throws in a row” task!

ALL the Pokemon spawning right now, aside from the uncommon spawn Psyduck, are tiny little jumpy asshole Pokemon. Ones that jump and attack constantly, or are stupidly small. I can’t even rely on Magikarp because, for some reason, Magikarp’s camera angle has changed, making it lower to the ground and thus harder to hit!

You just have to hope that something larger spawns in AND that it doesn’t catch on the first ball. Or that the Pokemon doesn’t immediately jump or attack after feeding it a nanab.

On the plus side, at least this event gives some decent resources.

And in the right order as well. You only need 5-6 of each berry but you get 20. Which is great because I’ve used all my berries on Meltans lately.


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