These New Isolation Vault Bounties Are Miserable

I thought I’d be happy to see more Deimos content, but it turns out I’m wrong. Yes, we got new bounties. However, these bounties are insanely tedious, not just to do, but to access as well! Like, who thought this was a good idea?

Ugh, this is going to be a slog. Just like doing the actual bounties.

An Isolation Vault on Deimos
An Isolation Vault on Deimos. Or rather, the entrance to one.

To access a new bounty, you need to do its Isolation Vault.

These new bounties are located in the underground Isolation Vaults. But to get to them, you need to do the related Isolation Vault bounty. So you’ve got to rush around grabbing bait, then waiting around for a mixer, THEN doing a survival, THEN killing a Necramech to get the bounty unlocked. Sure, the times required for the mixing and the survival part have gone down, but that’s still a good 5-10 minutes before you can do a new bounty.

And you need to do this for all the Isolation Vaults, to access each of their bounties. Because each of the Isolation Vault bonus bounties have different rewards. Once you have done the Isolation Vault, you can repeat the bonus bounties as much as you want… until you leave the Cambion Drift.

Once you leave, you’ll have to re-open each Isolation Vault if you want to do the bounties again. It’s a damn good thing that the Vome/Fass cycle was removed, because this is quite a time sink.

The new bounties themselves are kinda crap.

You’d think that, with the work required, the new bounties would be fun, right? Wrong. In fact, you can sum up the three new missions pretty easily.

The first is a combination of closing fissures and keeping a lamp lit. Think of the light you need to fight the Emissary bosses. Then combine it with closing the fractures on the Orb Vallis. It’s basically just that. A pain in the ass but doable. However, the other two bounty tasks suck. One is basically the MR28 test, where you throw vials at enemies to make them vulnerable. Except you have to shoot tumors to get a new vial. And the enemy spawns are spotty and easy to screw up. If someone is mindlessly murdering and not paying attention, it’s REALLY easy to fuck this stage up.

The last new bounty is basically an escort mission with a friendly Juggernaut. Because everyone loves escorting NPCs, right?

The new loot isn’t even that good!

The new bounties come with new rewards. The parts of two new weapons drop here, as do their blueprints. Although, at first, the blueprints really didn’t drop and we ended up having Gift of the Lotus alerts for them. The drop chances also aren’t great. It’s about 7% for each one, and they’re split across the three tiers of bonus bounty.

There’s also a bunch of new Arcanes, but they’re kinda… awkward. It’s a strange mixture of Kitgun and Warframe Arcanes. Although they are theoretically easier to obtain than standard Warframe Arcanes, they… don’t do much. Like, creating a puddle that makes you do more damage. But why would you be standing still in Warframe? That just gets you killed.

What are these bounties even good for?

It takes ages to do these bounties. The bounty stages are dull and most of the time not even different from normal bounties. And for playing them, you get mediocre rewards and weapon parts you only need once. So why bother playing them?

I don’t know. The only particularly good thing is that you do get some decent Endo. You can also get a TON of Deimos resources (and Argon Crystals, for some reason) by doing the new bounties. But you could get the resources by doing just the Isolation Vaults themselves. And as for Scintillant, you’re still better off doing the low level bounties. They are much, much faster.

You also get this massive clash of, well, missions. Some people want to farm Necramech parts, others want to farm for Scintillant, others still are looking for the new bounties. So you can easily get into arguments and confusions as to who is doing what. With so many people wanting different things from their Isolation Vault missions, good luck with public matchmaking.

Shame, really, because Isolation Vaults on their own are pretty fun… except for Loid slowly wandering around…


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