Fletchling Community Day

What’s that? A community day? Already? These seem to come more and more quickly, I swear. March’s 2021 Community Day is actually kinda special. Why? Because it’s the first March Community Day since 2019, as 2020’s March Community Day was skipped. And, to celebrate, we’re getting Fletchling, the tiny, fiery sparrow thing! A Pokemon that evolves into a fan favourite, Talonflame.

Talonflame and some Fletchlings. Completely missed out the middle evolution, but no one cares about it.
Talonflame and some Fletchlings. Completely missed out the middle evolution, but no one cares about it.

New shiny!

Yes, we’re actually getting a brand new shiny. And one that ISN’T a Kanto Pokemon! Fletchling can now be shiny, and if you evolved it during the Community Day event, Talonflame would learn the fast move Incinerate.

It’s actually… kinda surprising. That being said, the shiny isn’t super amazing. You can tell, but it can take a second to notice. Really though, if it wasn’t for the sparkles, you might miss them.

We also got a pretty nice little bonus – triple catch XP. That means, with a lucky egg, you can get 6000 XP for one excellent throw. Although there is a problem: Fletchling is very small. And, depending on your phone, they can be very hard to hit. On the plus side, for the community day, they have been made easier to catch.

Talonflame is great for PvP.

Yeah, this community day is yet another PvP-only move. Incinerate is pretty neat, it’s a slow but hard-hitting move that generates a good amount of energy. Its damage actually makes Talonflame a slightly better version of Charizard in PvP. Could even argue that it’s one of the best fire types overall for PvP. Because Talonflame actually has a bit of bulk, that gives it a head start over many other fire types, who are generally heavy-hitting but squishy. That being said, water types are literally everywhere in PvP. That makes using any fire type incredibly difficult.

But Talonflame on its own doesn’t get very high, CP-wise. It’s a contender for Great and Ultra League only, and even then, you’re pushing it. You need to max out a Talonflame to get it properly ready for Ultra League. And probably use some XL Candy too if it’s not close to 100%. This also means that, well, there’s better options for PvP.

The ticket is apparently not very good.

Normally, you can also buy a little Community Day ticket. It’s a mini research for $1 and gives some additional rewards. Some have been insanely good, like the December Community Weekend ticket. Some have been kinda mediocre, with few rewards. The Fletchling ticket is among those. Actually, it’s probably one of the worst ones because it doesn’t give you anything interesting. A Rocket Radar isn’t very fitting, especially when people don’t have time to stop and do Team Rocket fights on Community Days.

But according to LeekDuck, you didn’t even get an Incense! And Incense are vital for a lot of people to even be able to play Community Days…

I should have been excited for this one, but I simply wasn’t.

This event did tick most of the boxes. New shiny, pretty good move, great bonus (triple experience) AND a pretty easy to catch Pokemon (at least for this event). Plus, it’s a fan-favourite and a cute Pokemon. Compared to, for example, Abra Community Day, Fletchling is a great choice.

For some reason though, I just wasn’t feeling it. I just caught my shinies, then went about my day as normal.


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