Rest in Peace, Gian Point

Well done, Tenno, we have managed to kill an entire node. With the new Railjack update, it seems that Gian Point has been removed. An entire node has been deleted, because people were using it too much. Somehow, despite their numbers, the Grineer are giving up. As of writing, I don’t know if they’re flat out deleting it or not. But wow, this is… an interesting path.

“Wait, what IS Gian Point?”

Gian Point is (or was) a mission in the Veil Proxima. It’s a Railjack Skirmish mission with a simple task: Destroy enemy ships and crew ships. It has no additional objectives. But, because it’s a high level mission with lots of enemies, Gian Point became THE place to farm. You can do it quickly and easily, and, because of the lack of objectives, you can easily do it solo too. Not only did Gian Point give high affinity and Intrinsics, but it also had a pretty good drop table.

The only time Gian Point wasn’t populated was whenever the Sentient Anomaly was nearby. And even then, some people would still do it, because it’s slightly easier than other Veil Proxima nodes.

However, DE noticed that we were playing Giant Point too much, and decided to, uh, get rid of it, I guess?

This isn’t the first time a mission has been nerfed.

There have been loads of farming spots over the years. The current popular mission for normal, non-Railjack content is Hydron on Sedna. A small, enclosed map with lots of high-level Grineer. Hydron has seen a handful of small nerfs, mostly in the flow of traffic. Enemies take longer to traverse the map and take alternate paths, rather than going the same few routes every time.

Before Hydron though, there were plenty of other maps that got nerfed. Akkad used to be a popular farming spot as a small, Infested-filled tile. But Infested give less experience now. An Interception on Sedna was also a good spot, but interception spawns aren’t as good and the map isn’t as concentrated as Hydron. Before those though, we had places like Draco, which were even easier to farm.

All of these spots eventually get nerfed. Gian Point though was exceptionally bad since it was basically the only populated node in Railjack. No other mission could offer anywhere near as good a turnaround as Gian Point. So Gian Point has to die, apparently.

Still seems… really weird.

Really, you can fix Gian Point with ease. To bring it in line with the rest of the Veil Proxima, all you have to do is add a new objective. The mission takes as long as other Veil Proxima missions, problem solved. But the fact that it was worded as “removal” seems really strange. Other farming spots were never removed, they were simply changed. Draco for example was turned into a survival on the Grineer Asteroid tile set. Sure, the ability to farm was removed, but the map remains, a shadow of its former glory.

Since they’ve removed this node completely though? We should have something to memorialize this moment. Like, we should erect a sculpture or something. Or a giant grave stone. Something to signal that we killed so many Grineer, that the Grineer just gave up.

Sure, the Tenno have barely made a dent when it comes to the Grineer, Corpus and Infested overall. Heck, we’ve barely done anything to the Sentients who are still wandering around. When it comes to numbers, even if there are 30 million Tenno, there are BILLIONS of everyone else. Gian Point, for good or for bad, should be remembered as one of the few places where the Tenno took control. It’s the one place where we actually won, and rid the territory of Grineer influence for good.


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  • March 25, 2021 at 2:04 pm

    I’ll never forget you, GP. </3


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