Smug Snake Community Day

It’s been ages since we had a Community Day for a starter. The last one was for Piplup in January 2020. So, really, a Community Day for Snivy, the first of the Sinnoh starters, was long overdue. The little smug snake finally got what it deserved, with a nice, sunny community day.

A Snivy in the Sunshine
A Snivy in the Sunshine

A pretty standard Community Day.

This community day wasn’t much different from the Roselia or Machop Community Days. There’s 30 free ultra balls in the shop, and there’s one Pokemon spawning everywhere. Luckily for me, it was sunny pretty much all day, meaning all the Snivies spawning everywhere were weather-boosted. And the spawns were pretty good. Combined with a buffed incense, there were plenty of things to catch.

I did notice though that some normal spawn points… didn’t spawn any Pokemon. Which is weird because there were extra spawns elsewhere.

Shiny Snivy is quite a nice one. Unlike a lot of grass-type shinies, it actually goes a darker, more teal green. However, Serperior turns into a bright lime green snake. Kinda like those lime Scouts of old.

Little guy is a bastard to catch.

Mainly because he’s a jumpy little bastard. Low CP ones catch easily, but anything above 600 CP needed berries. Snivy also has that every slight delay at the end of its attack animation, meaning throwing too early just makes the Pokeball bounce harmlessly off it.

However, I went hard on this community day. And got basically fuck all to show for it. Not only did I not mange to get any good Snivies, I didn’t get any remotely good shinies either. What’s more annoying though is that I didn’t get as much XL Candy as I wanted. I didn’t get enough to get to level 50. Sure, I can convert some of my normal candy to reach the magical 296 XL candy, but that’s kinda not the point.  Almost every single Snivy I caught was weather-boosted. Thankfully, when I transferred my huge collection of low IV Snivies, I did just about get enough for one level 50 Serperior.

Also sadly didn’t manage to find a CP666 Snivy. I already had a lucky one which I had coincidentally powered up. But I wanted a wild one. In total, I caught about 500 Pokemon today. Doesn’t sound like a lot to hardcore gamers, but, well, I don’t have that many spawns.

The €0.99 ticket was lackluster again.

I didn’t buy the ticket, but brother did. He wasn’t too happy with what he got. A Rocket Radar and some silver pinaps. The stardust wasn’t worth it at all, especially since there was a dumb “power up a Pokemon” task. It was slightly better than the Fletchling ticket, but not by much. The ticket should at least contain one Incense or something. Sure, it’s only one Euro/Dollar, but these tickets don’t feel like they’re worth the money. Especially since you can’t buy them with Pokecoins!

At the very least, these paid research quests should contain an incense and 50 Pokeballs.

Serperior is alright.

While Serperior is pretty damn good in the main Pokemon Games, the lack of abilities does put a damper on the grassy snake. However, that being said, Serperior is still great as a pure grass type. In Serperior’s case, it’s a bulky plant type.

In PvP, Serperior isn’t quite as good as Venusaur, mostly because Venusaur is a Kanto starter and they get all the cool moves. But Serperior at least gets Aerial Ace, a half-decent coverage move. It basically plays the same way Meganium does, except with different coverage moves to beat the Pokemon who are strong against it.

The real prize was triple star dust.

This community day’s bonus was triple stardust on catching Pokemon. This meant 450 stardust per Snivy while using a star piece, and 375 stardust on a normal weather-boosted Snivy. If you had any extra Pokemon kept from research (e.g. Loudred from the berry research task), you could easily make bank.

I wasn’t even using star pieces, and I managed to obtain SO MUCH stardust. I managed to get 200,000 stardust in the 6-hour event, and probably could have pushed for more, had I not taken a break in the middle.

Overall, a good community day. Can’t complain. And, more importantly, I made some great progress towards the Shiny Mew quest. All I need to do now is walk 20 more kilometers and I’m done!


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