Thoughts on the Call of the Tempestarii Quest

The Call of the Tempestarii is a relatively short quest, tied to a new Warframe. It’s a very simple quest with nothing really challenging in it. This is also the name of Update 30, which is bringing along some other bits and pieces. Things like Void Storms, and hints at Corpus Liches. However, those need some… time to be digested, and for the bugs to be ironed out. So, today, I’m just gonna talk about the quest.

I would have made a walk-through, but frankly, the quest is really simple. I’ve played it twice and, sadly, in both my recordings, the audio gets scrambled at the half-decent bit. So you’re getting this ramble of an article instead.


This quest is brand new. While I don’t think there’s anything really to be spoiled, apart from maybe the last cut scene, it’s something you should play yourself. You don’t need anything special for it, just a Railjack. You don’t even need a particularly well-modded one, although it can help with the Void Storms.

Honestly, as cool as she seems, we could have replaced her with pretty much any Corpus character.
Honestly, as cool as she seems, we could have replaced her with pretty much any Corpus character.

Basically a ghost ship and a Spy mission.

So Cephalon Cy comes along with a chance to do something stupid. We venture into a Void Storm to grab some random salvage. When we do so though, we are intercepted by a Corpus ship, who is then intercepted by a ‘ghost ship’. It’s a standard railjack with a void energy around it, that doesn’t respond to normal calls. Apparently the Corpus captain has a beef with this ghost ship, but both it and we escape.

But Cephalon Cy wants to find out more about that ghost ship. So we warp to a new area and do a quick spy mission. We discover that the ship is called the Tempestarii, and was a rescue ship that apparently disappeared on its last mission, and never finished its job. The Tempestarii is calling out, trying to finish that last mission. Cephalon Cy wants to help, so drags us to a void storm to try and summon it, so that’s what we do, using some old Orokin call signals, then calling out that the Tempestarii’s last mission was a success.

Meet the ghost.

We are then invited on board and met with the Shadow half of Sevagoth, who wants us to help it find one last person. Of course, that Corpus captain followed us and is now trying to capture the ship. Somehow, our Warframe gets knocked out and we get a quick scene of playing as the Shadow, killing Corpus. We wake up and there’s a bunch of dead Corpus, and the ship is being held by a Corpus laser.

Sevagoth's Shadow points to the thing he's missing.
Sevagoth’s Shadow points to the thing he’s missing.

So, after a quick sabotage, we free the ship and pilot it, blowing up the Corpus captain’s ship. Once the coast is clear, Cephalon Cy helps Sevagoth’s Shadow find his body, the two are reunited, Sevagoth dies and they’re given a quick funeral.

We’re left with a cut scene of the Granum Void, where our new nemesis the Corpus captain is struggling to stand upright. At the end, a familir golden hand reaches down to her, offering her help. And that’s it.

All style, not much substance.

The quest is mostly just Cephalon Cy talking to you as you do things, and basically being a narrator. We get a new baddie, a Corpus captain, but all we learn is that she’s pissed off because the Tempestarii blew up her ship or something and didn’t save her. In fact, new Corpus baddie only really appears to be special at the very end, when she’s seen with Parvos Granum just out of shot.

The epitome of this is probably the Sevagoth’s Shadow scene in the darkness. Felt more like a advert for both Sevagoth and the shiny new song they just made. It was all definitely a neat experience, but that was about it.  The Call of the Tempestarii was really nothing more than a hint of lore about Sevagoth, and a teaser for Corpus Liches. And, honestly? You can sum up Sevagoth’s story as “rescue guy lost in the void, his ghostly other half is still looking for him and you help reunite them”.

What is nice is how the quest was basically two interconnected missions. It did actually flow pretty well. The only issue I had was being stuck in the pilot seat after returning to my dry dock. But that was fixed with a quick fast travel to the dry dock itself.

Should have been an Operator-based quest.

I normally hate Operator-based stuff, but I actually feel this quest would have been perfect for an Operator mission. Our Warframe is basically useless for the whole quest, and it’s short and easy enough that you could EASILY finish it with an Operator. Using an Operator would make the Sevagoth’s Shadow scene make a bit more sense as well.

It would also give us more of a reason to fear this new Corpus captain. Someone who could do with seeing us as less of a “Tenno rat” and more someone who could genuinely fuck us up. I mean, we sabotage Corpus stanchions all the time. This one just got lucky at the last minute.

The song and rewards are excellent.

That being said, while the quest itself was kinda straightforward, the end-of-quest rewards are great. You get Sevagoth’s main warframe blueprint, but you get some cool extras too. A small statuette of Sevagoth, a Captura scene and the most badass Railjack skin ever. The Tempestarii skin is basically a Railjack Prime AND a badass ship ephemera. I do kinda wish that the awesome void effect was usable on other ships too though.

We also got a new song with lyrics. Warframe’s soundtrack is amazing, and Sleeping in the Cold Below nearly captures the spirit of We All Lift Together. But not quite though. While We All Lift Together perfectly illuminates the lives of the Solaris, Sleeping in the Cold Below feels… kinda out of place. Especially since we hear it playing as we murder a ton of Corpus. Great song, fits the universe somehow but definitely doesn’t fit the angry, pissed off captain who lost her family and now works for the Corpus.

As Warframe quests go though? I’d honestly put this on the same level as Mirage’s quest. Chains of Harrow, the Sacrifice and even Sands of Inaros are all at least a bit more meaty when it comes to story. Call of the Tempestarii is just there to surprise you with fancy visuals.


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