Frost Could Do With Some Updating

The other day, I fancied a change. We were doing a sortie and one of the missions was Mobile Defense. Normally, I would grab Khora or Limbo and not worry about anything. But I decided to do something else. It had been ages since I last played Frost, so I decided to give him a go.

Halfway into the mission, I realized why I stopped playing Frost.

Moody and subtle. And cold. And probably going to kill you. Frost in a nutshell.
Moody and subtle. And cold. And probably going to kill you. With his gun, of course.

Frost feels very clunky.

That’s kinda understandable though. Frost is a really old frame. In fact, he’s so old that he actually was one of the first frames to get Primed. And that priming literally consists of some gold parts, a black texture and a new helmet. His kit is similarly old. Back when gameplay was much slower and there was more defending that needed to be done.

However, even Frost’s Snow Globe hasn’t really caught up with modern times. Frost has ended up being an afterthought, especially since he got moved to Ceres. There are plenty of frames that do Frost’s job better, and his slow movement and casting times don’t help.

Frost doesn’t need a huge rework though.

Honestly, I don’t think Frosts abilities are bad. It’s just the numbers aren’t amazing, and they feel kinda samey aside from Snow Globe. I think a tweak to Frost’s damage, and maybe allowing his abilities to scale better would go a long way. His augments could also do with similar number changes. Icy Avalanche needs to hit a lot of enemies to be worthwhile, and Chilling Globe would be nicer with a higher chance of freezing, and for longer. Or perhaps the chance could just be changed to 100%, but for less duration. After all, Limbo’s Stasis and Khora’s Strangledome freeze enemies for, well, free.

Frost should have a new passive though. Sure, a chance to freeze enemies that hit you sounds cool, but, frankly, how many enemies actually get in melee range to do so? Even with Frost’s existing kit, that shouldn’t even happen. I have lots of great ideas for a new passive. A basic resistance to cold damage or cold status procs would be simple but really awesome. On the other hand though, since Frost does freeze things, maybe his weapons could slowly freeze enemies over time. Or, heck, keep the chance to freeze enemies that hit you, but make it apply to all hits, from both bullets and melee.

Might also be nice to give Frost a new ability in general though. Previous reworks like Vauban and Zephyr did just that and they turned out great. Currently, you have the ability to throw an ice shard, create a wave of ice shards in a single direction or create a wave of shards in all directions. Two of these could easily be merged into one ability, giving Frost space for something else. As to what that could be? I’m not exactly sure.

A new primed skin would be nice.

There is one more thing Frost needs though, and it’s a half-decent Prime. Even Rhino and Excalibur Prime don’t have it as bad as Frost Prime. While yes, people do like Frost Prime, an alternate skin would be nice. If DE really want to make more money, make some new prime armour to go with the new skin and sell the armour in a Prime Access pack. A new prime skin shouldn’t replace his current one, it should just be a second option.

On the plus side, Frost’s deluxe skin still holds up, even today. So at least we have options.

Really, current Frost is just about fine. Just about. But some tweaks and buffs would be really nice for the ice guy.


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