The Best Ways to get Experience in Pokemon GO

The grind for experience in Pokemon GO is absolutely huge. Each level costs more and more experience. In fact, the grind from level 1 to level 35 is about the same as the grind from level 36 to level 39. Level 40 and onwards, you need HUGE amounts of experience, to the point that only the most dedicated players will ever reach level 50.

Thankfully, there are some ways to get large chunks of experience. It’s a very slow journey that requires a lot of dedication. But with these tips, you should be able to get EXP a little more quickly.

All of these methods can be boosted by a Lucky Egg for double experience.

Excellent Throws

Scoring an Excellent throw on a Pokemon does take time and practice. However, once you manage it on the regular, you can get some nice chunks of experience. An excellent throw is generally worth 1000 experience. But combined with other bonuses, like “first ball”, “curve ball” and “collector bonus”, and the experience adds up.

Alright, sure, you still need 1,000 excellent throws to get 1 million experience. And 1 million experience is a drop in the bucket at later levels. But those throws do add up. And, as you get better, you use less Pokeballs as well.

Traveling to New Places

This particular option isn’t particularly feasible right now, but it is an option. Discovering new Pokestops and Gyms give additional experience. So if you travel to a new country or even just a new town, you should spin as much as you can! The experience bonus isn’t amazing, but with a Lucky Egg on, you can spin a LOT of Pokestops in a very short amount of time.

The sudden appearance of 2 new Pokestops along my normal path and one which was suddenly undiscovered...
The sudden appearance of 2 new Pokestops along my normal path and one which was suddenly undiscovered…

The only thing holding you back is item bag space. But, frankly, if you are spinning tons of new Pokestops, making some space in advance is a good idea. Especially since new Pokestops can also reward additional items like Silver Pinaps and Rare Candy.

Spotlight Hours and Community Days

A lot of the time, when it comes to experience, you want quantity over quality. And both Spotlight Hours and Community Days have lots of Pokemon. Okay, sure, there can be Pokemon around all the time, but these events tend to have Pokemon using all available spawn points at once. So you have a lot more Pokemon to catch. As a bonus, the Pokemon are all the same type, making it much easier to practice getting Excellent Throws.

These also often have a x3 catch bonus. For example, Gible Community Day, not only will it have tons of Pokemon to catch, but every Pokemon caught will give triple experience. Spotlight Hours rotate their hourly bonus, but double catch experience generally happens once a month.

Best Friends and Ultra Friends

Really though, all of this pales in comparison with Friendship bonuses. For reaching Ultra Friends with someone, you get 50,000 experience. Best Friends with someone gives you 100,000! That’s equivalent to 50 and 100 Excellent throws, with barely any effort.

A Gift in Pokemon GO

The only problem with friends bonuses is coordination, to make sure that both parties have Lucky Eggs at the ready. This is especially important for Best Friends, because doubling 100,000 experience into 200,000 experience is simply too big an opportunity to miss. Pokemon GO doesn’t make this easy either, since there’s no in-game way of communicating.

As a small, rather sneaky trick, you can also add a bunch of new friends and become Good Friends with them for an easy 3,000 experience each. Not particularly useful, but if you have a Lucky Egg on and not much else to do, it’s an option.

And there you have it, some of the best ways to earn experience in Pokemon GO.


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