I don’t know why I like Houndour and Houndoom so much. There’s something weirdly cool about the angry, demonic Pokemon dogs. I’ve rambled in the past about Houndour. After all, the shiny is adorable, but it took me ages to get one. I now have several, and I love them all equally. Actually, that’s not true. I love Flaffle! the most, because Flaffle! is a lucky, shiny Houndour that I made into a Best Buddy.

However, there are a few other Houndours I haven’t managed to catch. Sure, a shiny Houndour is cool, but you have a 1 in 450 chance to catch a shiny Houndour. But I never managed to get three other Houndours for my collection: A CP666 Houndour, a 0* Houndour and a 4* Houndour.

Well, I finally managed one of those.


The Luminous Legends Y event had been mostly pretty lame. I completed the timed research and got literally nothing good out of it. I failed to see ANY Pancham raids and the event eggs were all-round godawful. In my eyes, the only good thing about this event was the fact that Houndour was spawning commonly in the wild. More importantly, it was also a potential reward in research tasks about defeating grunts. Pokemon from research tasks have minimum IVs of 9/9/9, meaning there’s a higher chance of finding a perfect Pokemon. In fact, I had already managed to get two perfect Pokemon. Both of them were Snubbull and both of them were from non-event research tasks.

However, the perfect Houndour still eluded me, until the last day of the event. I mean, I wasn’t specifically seeking one out, but the fact that Houndour was spawning at all was great. What was even better was that Houndour was weather-boosted because of sunny weather. Even then though, it was regularly

In the last 5 hours of Luminous Legends Y, I abruptly found my 100% Houndour. It was just, well, spawned at home. Right on top of my character. I was going to call it WonderDoggo, but I decided to call it HUNDOur, as a play on the words Hundo (as in One Hundred or 100%) and Houndour.


I wouldn’t have even found it if I hadn’t been hunting for Houndour XL Candies

Seriously. Houndour used to be a super common spawn for me. Alongside fellow fire doggo Growlithe and fire camel Numel, it used to be an insanely common spawn, to the point that I amassed over 2000 candy for Houndour. But when the Seasons started coming out, every Pokemon except the odd bird and fucking Jigglypuff was relegated to events.

This meant that hunting for candy for anything aside from event stuff was impossible. And while Houndour had briefly featured in on event, despite catching as many as I could, I only ended up with 30 candy. Enough for, well, not very much. Thanks to the Luminous Legends Y event, Houndour had returned, and I managed to get a bit more candy.

Thankfully, XL candy is easier to get now, since you can walk a buddy for it.

So what am I going to do with HUNDOur?

That’s a good question. I haven’t decided yet. I probably will evolve HUNDOur into HUNDOom, because I’ll actually be able to use it. But aside from that? I’ll probably just walk it as a buddy for now. I STILL need XL candies, and now I need double the amount, so I can power up both Lucky Shiny Flaffle! and HUNDOur past level 40. But I’ll also need Mega Candy too, so HUNDOur can mega-evolve at some point. Luckily, since I’ve already mega-evolved Flaffle, I can just walk that Houndoom for candies for my other Houndour.

Either way though, that’s one more thing to cross off my Pokemon GO bucket list!


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  • May 30, 2021 at 7:19 pm

    Congrats on the Hundoom!!!


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