A Quick look at Sisters of Parvos

I’m going to be honest here. Somehow, I don’t really understand the Sisters of Parvos. The whole system is pretty much identical to Kuva Liches. But something feels a bit off about them. For some reason, they feel both better and worse off than Kuva Liches.

A Sister of Parvos, awaiting her fate
A Sister of Parvos, awaiting her fate

Gameplay-wise, fighting a Sister is simple.

It is basically the same as fighting a Kuva Lich. You follow the same exact steps. First, you stab things, then you try and figure out the random combination. Once you successfully stab them, you do a Railjack mission to finish them off. Except, in the case of the Sisters, you are stabbing robot dogs.

Thankfully though, you get WAY more murmur progress with the Sisters. The dogs may be rarer than Kuva Thralls, but they give great experience. For some reason though, in the final fight against a Sister, their hounds are weirdly absent. Instead, we get a handful of Warframe specters, randomly chosen. You need to defeat the specters before you can kill the Sister.

What’s also odd is that Sisters are as tanky, if not tankier than the Grineer Liches. Maybe people are just used to killing Liches, but taking down Sisters seems harder.

They blend in a lot.

Visually though, Sisters of Parvos kinda blend in. When you fight one, the first thing you see is their Hound. Most of the Sisters’ Hounds have bright, flashy attacks and tend to force you to drop your weapon. At least the dogs are doing something right and distracting you from the Sister in question. But it all seems kinda lame that the Sisters are reliant on these robodoggos. Especially since the Sisters seem to have a TON of damage resistance.

Compared to Kuva Liches, the Sisters kinda look like, well, fairly generic Corpus. If it wasn’t for the icon showing the Sister, I’d be completely lost. That being said, the icon for both Sisters and their Hounds are almost identical.

Getting a Sister of Parvos is tedious.

The most pain in the ass part of these Sisters is how you get one. To obtain a Sister, you need to go to high level Granum Void, complete the task (25 kills) while there, then leave. Once you’ve done that, a Candidate will spawn and you can kill her, just like with a baby Lich. But so you don’t instantly run out of Crowns, you also need to stick around for those annoying ‘coin protectors’ to spawn as well. The first Sister I attempted to spawn was 900m away, at extraction. I failed to get her because I wanted my Granum Crown back.

Personally, I don’t mind the Granum Void, but it is an extra level of tedium compared to Kuva Liches, where all you do is kill some enemies. Candidates also seem to spawn much further away than Kuva Larvalings do, so getting a weapon you don’t want is even more annoying.

I suppose, at least the Ephemeras are nice. They’re not as subtle as the Vengeful Ephemeras but they do perfectly capture that Corpus feel.

In the mean time though, I have more weapons to obtain. So, time to farm some more Sisters!


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