A Brief Look at how my Character’s Look Influences how I Enjoy Destiny 2

Try as I might, I’ve always struggled with getting into Destiny 2. On the surface, I think the game is great, but I never find myself able to play for very long. The only times I DO play lots of Destiny 2 is when I am playing with friends. Mostly because I’m not very good at it. But one of the major issues I had was that my character looked, well, kinda crap.

A Warlock staring at a Comatose Traveller.
A Warlock staring at a Comatose Traveler, back when I had awful-looking gear

The reason why I looked like crap was quite simple. I was constantly cycling out better gear. In trying to reach the same level as everyone else, I had to. If I got a piece of armour that had a bigger number on it, I’d equip it until I got something better. The same applies to weapons as well. I found myself struggling to keep up, using weapons I didn’t like, just so I could increase my light level.

But at the same time, shaders, colour palettes for your gear, all used to cost resources. You could only hold so many at a time and it cost resources to make new ones. Okay, sure, if you play TONS, you’ll get lots of legendary shards. However, if you apply your colour scheme and change your mind, then you basically wasted those shards. And, when you’re a noob like me, you need all the legendary shards you can get.

Alright, sure, there are cheap shaders. I regularly used a white and purple one. But that shader only cost glimmer to get extras of. And I still had to go through every time to apply that shader.

Now though, I think I actually look pretty fucking nice. If I want to change my shaders, I just go to the appearance menu and pick one I want. Any of the shaders I’ve unlocked are freely used. Which is surprisingly freeing. You can also just shove the same shader on all your armour with a single button press.

Well, it’s a press-and-hold, but you get what I mean.

There’s also a transmogification thingy as well. This means you can turn a piece of armour you like into an ornament, which you then equip on more armour. Now, the armour you are wearing looks cool, but it has the stats of the original armour. I’m honestly not too sure how the whole thing works (aside from the 5 free transmog things I already have) but it’s nice to have some more options for fashion.

A Warlock in nice-looking colours
A Warlock in nice-looking colours

Finally, after so long, it’s possible to make myself look cool. Sure, I’m still constantly swapping armour and weapons. I still need to level myself up. I’m not even close currently, still a good 40 levels below what I should be. But at least I feel somewhat cooler while I’m doing that. What makes it better is that I’m not using any real resources either. So I can look good for very little cost.

And because I look somewhat cool, I find the rest of the game a bit more fun. Because, even though I suck hard at Destiny 2, I look very fashionable as my body gets yeeted into space by a stray explosion.

I suppose, just like food, the first bite of a video game really IS with the eye.


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