Move that blog up!

I’ve mentioned once or twice that I’ve had problems with As much as I love the URL, it seems like our fair blog is constantly being set upon by data vampires, who eat unsuspecting blog posts in the night. We’ve already lost three blog posts to the dastardly beasts, as well as our “Write for us!” page. In addition, readers are reporting that they cannot always see new blog posts, and the scheduling feature has a habit of just not paying attention to the set deadline.

So I’m going to migrate over to wordpress and see if that solves all of our problems. I have a premium account there, so I’m eligible for speedy customer support at the very least.

If you’re reading this blog post, go here! Thanks for your patience.

All other aspects of The Daily SPUF (our Twitter, our contact email), will stay the same. Just the URL of the blog itself is changing. See you there!


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