What Weapons did you use in your early days of TF2 that you believed were good but you soon realized they weren’t as good as you thought?

Aabicus: When I first started playing TF2, I didn’t have the patience for regular Pyro, and I was well aware that I sucked at the airblast. So when the Pyro Grordbort set came out, I had my first experience trying to craft with tokens, as they didn’t have proper blueprints and I thought they never would. Several refined metals worth of drops later, and I had enough flare guns and backburners to equip an angry mob.

I finally got my Phlogistinator and Manmelter once the normal blueprint came out, and rocked it with my Homewrecker, because I never got melee kills so I figured removing sappers was a free utility. And I played that for a really, really long time…

My Manniversary Paper Hat and untradeable Manmelter are the only pieces that still exist from my first Pyro loadout.

Another loadout I really liked was Loch-N-Load/Chargin’ Targe/Persian Persuader, because I’d seen this video by STAR_ but had a deathly fear of lowered base health. I remember was a randomizer server that gave me Spy with Black Box, Sticky Jumper, and Spycicle, that I fell in love with the Sticky Jumper. Honestly, the very last demoman secondary I tried was the Stickybomb Launcher.


Medic: Being someone who had no idea what they were doing when they first started playing Team Fortress 2, imagine the look on my face when I first find a Kritzkrieg. With all that positive blue text, I didn’t realise at first that the Kritzkrieg DIDN’T make you invulnerable. Thankfully, I learned what the Kritzkrieg actually did after the third Uber. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn the downsides of the Blutsauger and the uselessness of the Bonesaw until waaaaaay later. The Blutsauger in particular followed the trend of “Oh! It’s new! It MUST be a better weapon!” that I went through for a few weeks. Eventually, when I realised that I was dying much more often to Pyros, I switched back to the Syringe Gun.

My earliest Medic loadout…

The other weapon that has always convinced me was amazing was the Direct Hit. Considering that, in the beginning, I couldn’t hit people standing right in front of me with the shotgun, it’s weird that I was so fond of the one rocket launcher aimed at highly skilled players and Sniper wannabes. These days though, I know I still can’t aim, so I use the Original.

Sad thing is, I still have my Achievement items.

5 thoughts on “What Weapons did you use in your early days of TF2 that you believed were good but you soon realized they weren’t as good as you thought?

  • December 13, 2013 at 5:07 am


    Back in December 2012, I thought I was so noble for using this loadout. My KD was worse than horrible back then, that’s how bad I was. So naturally I starting maining Pyro and using the most infamous loadout ever, and I thought the meta was that Detonator was the main secondary and was oblivious to the ridiculousness of the Degreaser and Axtinguisher. My KD rose from horrifying to one.

  • December 13, 2013 at 11:55 am

    Oh man, that remark about the untradeable Manmelter reminds me of the untradable Black Box I made because I didn’t want to trade for it.

  • December 13, 2013 at 10:51 pm

    I almost have nostalgia for those days when I didn’t have most of the weapons and I used what I did have and thought I was good. Boy, I sure was attached to that Sharpened Volcano Fragment and that Short Circuit when I got them as random drops…

  • December 15, 2013 at 12:27 pm

    Force-A-Nature. Definitely the Force-A-Nature. I remember not being able to aim hardly as well as I can now, so I’d miss both my shots or get 60 damage max with the enemy still in my face. When I decided to give Stock Scattergun another spin, I was amazed how I could actually manage to kill people, albiet with one or two clips spent.

  • December 16, 2013 at 11:31 am

    I don’t have much memory of my early days on TF2, but it was probably the Phlog. I hardly even acknowledged airblast for its full potential, and crits were, well…crits!

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