January 15th – January 22nd

A dull week indeed.
A dull week indeed.

This week is a week late, but that’s not a bad thing because this week in TF2 history was actually rather dull. The earliest patch is in 2008, on Jan 15th, which fixed two bugs where the Medi Gun would continue to appear on switching class, and people zooming in too quickly as Sniper.

2009 had no updates at all in this period, neither did 2010, but on the 19th of Jan 2011, we saw a small bug fix update and the addition of a plate when one throws the Buffalo Steak Sandvich. 2012 was equally dull, only adding the Mapper’s Medallion and fixing a few more bugs.

2013 was the most substantial update, adding objects like the Robo-Sandvich and a few Festive weapons to Medieval Mode, but it was yet more bug fixes. The most notable fix was the fact that before the 2013 update on Jan 16th, servers could crash if someone bled to death.

This week is honestly more notable in Quake Team Fortress History; On January 22nd 1997 the Civilian class was added for the first time.


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