The Non-Soldier Trolldier

"Ya shouldn'ta crossed me, lad!"
“Ya shouldn’ta crossed me, lad!”

Did you know that Demoman has a neat axe melee weapon?  No, not the Halloween one.  It’s great and all, but I’m talking about a different one.  You know, that one that’s under that pile of dust in the corner of your backpack, next to that Sun-on-a-Stick.  Yeah, the Scotsman’s Skullcutter, and I’m here to show you one of the best ways to actually use this weapon: pair it with the sticky jumper.

The axe actually does quite a bit of damage, but the silliest thing about it is that it is one of the few demoknight weapons that randomly crit.  And the crits on this thing are just absurd, dealing around 230 damage a piece.  It’s a melee weapon, so it basically crits all the time.  It also benefits from the extended melee range most of the swords have.  Since you have the sticky jumper, the downside doesn’t really matter that much.

“If I’m going to be goofy and useless, why not the caber?” you say.  I dunno, its up to you.  The axe is less reliable in damage, but you don’t explode yourself every other time you use it.  You can have a bit more of a presence on the battlefield, jumping from one opportunity pick to another, instead of sitting on a respawn timer after every pick that is only going to get longer and longer.

Happy hunting, go cut some skulls or something.

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