Comparing Rockets and Stickies

Soldier seems to have the upper hand here...
Soldier seems to have the upper hand here…

Rockets and Stickies. The meat and veg of the two explosive classes. While we all think that, because they blow up and they hurt, they’re similar, but really, it’s like apples and oranges. Time to ponder what ifs!

I’m gonna ramble on about a bunch of scenarios. The first is if the Demoman had the rocket launcher instead of the sticky launcher and Soldiers either didn’t exist or had some other weapon. The other is if Demomen were Demoknights or something and Soldiers were the single pure explosive classes.

The Rocket Launcher is insanely powerful. It’s also easier to use as its projectiles go pretty much in a straight line. Both of Demoman’s weapons have incredibly large arcs and require far more prediction to land. They also don’t travel nearly as far. Swapping the Sticky Launcher with the Rocket Launcher leaves us with a highly mobile class. It’d be a nightmare, but the issue is, stickies do more damage and are more reliable than rockets. On a pro level, the game would be broken. Actually, the whole game would be broken. Then again, Short Circuit.

Alright, that was a bad move. So what if the Demoman never existed and the Soldier had the sticky launcher instead of the shotgun? Well, firstly, no one would be able to catch Soldiers. They’d be unstoppable killing machines with even crazier mobility. Sentry-killers. Heavy-killers. Uber-stoppers. The whole lot. The game would become Soldier Fortress.

Um, I appear to have messed up here. It seems that you can’t give both weapons to one class. But what if you switched them round? Demomen have the rocket launcher and Soldiers have the sticky launcher? An interesting thought. But frankly, the changes wouldn’t be so dramatic. Demomen would become slightly more powerful because they have more accurate weaponry, but would be weakened by the lack of their reliable stickies. Soldiers would be harder to master but would do more damage. Thing is, they’d both still have their advanced mobility.

You know what? Maybe it’d be worth trying, even just for a week. It’d certainly mix things up around here…


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