Birthday/500th Post/3-Star SPUF Event: Stupid Class, Stupid map, 6v6 Tournament!

6v6 in the loosest sense of the word...
6v6 in the loosest sense of the word…

Well hello, fine ladies and gentlemen of SPUF! My name is danthefinn (DiabetoDan on Steam) and I’ve been lurking around these parts since 2012. To celebrate my upcoming 18th birthday, as well as my 500th post and 3-star status, I’m hosting a little event on my very own TF2 server at 1 PM EST on June 16th. This will be a 6v6 tournament- but nothing like the 6v6 you all know and (at least some of you) love.

This tournament will played over a series of 5 maps, with a best of 3 win rule. These maps will be the maps considered the craziest or weirdest in TF2, with current suggestions ranging from koth_nippletwister to pl_rainbowride_b7. For some additional fun, the traditional classes have been changed up. The only allowed classes/loadouts will be the “subclasses” of each of our favorite mercenaries.
Guillotine/Sandman/FaN Scout: The only weapons the scout will be allowed to equip are the Force-a-Nature, Flying Guillotine, and the Sandman.
Trolldier: The Trolldier must have the Rocket Jumper and Market Gardener equipped, any secondary is allowed.
Pyroshark/Shotgun Jockey: The Pyro must use the Shotgun or Reserve Shooter in his secondary slot and the Neon Annihilator or Powerjack in the melee slot. No flamethrower is allowed to be used at any time.
Bootieknight: The Demoman forgoes his explosive secondary and primary weapons in favor of the Wee Booties or Bootlegger, either shield weapon, and any melee except the Bottle and its reskins, the Ullapool Caber, and the Pain Train.
Fat Scout- The Heavy will not be allowed to use any minigun at all and must equip the Shotgun or Family Business, as well as the Killing Gloves of Boxing.
Texan Scout- The Engineer is not allowed to build any sentries whatsoever, only Teleporters and Dispensers. Any loadout is allowed, with the exception of the Short Circuit.
Battle Medic- Our friendly doktor forgoes his passive approach to battle by giving up any and all mediguns. However, he can still heal with the Crusader’s Crossbow if he feels so inclined.
Huntsman Sniper- The Australian longshoot man gives up his rifles for a bow and arrow, shunning the Bushwacka and Darwin’s Danger Shield as well. All other weapons are allowed.
Gunspy- The Spy leaves his knives at home for this event! All knives are banned and the only primaries allowed are the Revolver and the Ambassador. All cloaking watches and sappers are allowed.
Check out the official event thread¬†and sign up! There are 6 slots left at the time of this writing, and all backup slots are open. I will PM the server info to the players, as well as the Mumble voicechat info (get that installed if you haven’t already), on the day of the event. Contact me or the wonderful fellow known as aabicus for any extra info or assistance. Good luck!

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