Rancho Story

I’ve never felt such an asshole.
I wanted to buy a particular set for Engy today, the fat guy stuff. So I checked out TF2op and found the items I wanted at reasonable prices and added the people or sent trade offers and every single one of them were offline. Now I understand that trade offers are great when you can wait but I’m a ‘right now’ type of guy and was getting more and more frustrated as time went on and finally I had the 3 pieces and went in search of the Rancho Relaxo taunt (because you can’t be fat without it!) and I found one at a quick sell price, I couldn’t believe my luck so I added the guy.

I had my friends list up, scrolled to the bottom where it shows pending invites, and I waited. And I waited. I actually waited about 5 minutes but it felt like forever, and then I checked my ‘phone for messages and looked back at my screen and the invite was gone so I hastily checked my friends list looking for him and he was nowhere to be found.
Now by this point I was hitting irritation so I returned to the trade thread and posted “I added you to buy your Rancho Relaxo but you refused my invite, I’ll buy it somewhere else now”. That made me feel better, my profile isn’t private you can see anything you want on it, I’m not a phisher why refuse my invite?
Then I realized what had happened. I scrolled down and there he was as an impending invite still. While I was checking my ‘phone, my mouse did that annoying thing they sometimes do, it automatically scrolled one click…he had been there all the time but I had been too stupid and preoccupied to see the mouse had just popped him off the screen.
I go quickly to the post I had just made and nope, no delete function and just below my post the seller had posted a simple “What?”

I then felt a bit of a dick and removed my friend request and then wrote a reply explaining that I felt like an asshole and I was sorry and explained what happened.
2 minutes later the guy adds me, he then invited me to trade and gave me the item I wanted and I put in the price and hit ready, then he added a Strange Rescue Ranger and hit ready. I was a bit stunned and hit ready and took it then I said to him “wow, thank you so much”.
I’ve never felt so humble. I added the guy to buy an item, thought he refused my invite so was in turn rude about it.
The fact he gave me a Strange without asking for anything for it was pretty amazing. You know the most amazing part was? He did it all and never typed anything, not until after I said wow. He then typed a simple “:)” and he was gone from my friend’s list before I could reply.

What a nice guy.
What a nice guy.

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