The Tide Turner nerf is far too harsh.

Picture by Witchyyy.
Picture by Witchyyy.

Under the recent compound backlash that Valve went through after the End of the Line update, I honestly cannot blame them for hastily assembling anything that would resemble new content, regardless of a new mode, unfinished in beta, or even if that new grenade launcher’s model was sitting around in the workshop for at least a year. (Regardless of which, it is still a very pretty launcher.) Among the crowd pleasing game changes, there will be an inevitable trampling of a subset of players who are complained about.

I represent the entirety of that subset. Or at least the people around me have de-facto made me that role.

Do I think this update was a saving face to redeem what faith may remain in Valve after the cut of Snowplow? Perhaps. The content is mostly good, but among the lists of changes I cannot agree with the depletion of a charge on the Tide Turner. I saw it coming. I knew it was TOO good; The chain charge nerf was somewhat a compromise, but the slowdown is just downright heinous.

To Valve (‘s Testers?): Did you test the results, or at least asked the opinion of someone who played demoknight enthusiastically in the game before releasing that patch? ANY bit of damage that touches me during a charge turns the ground under my legs into quick dry cement. Each mini sentry, each long range pistol pelt, every heavy pretending to be a sniper on the other side of the map will prevent me from even fathom using my charge to run away. Is the Demoknight supposed to simply accept being destroyed? Who am I going to kill with this weapon? Am I suddenly subject to super secret picks where nobody is supposed to see them? Is this the start of a Demoninja sub-subclass? If so please give me more ninjas abilities Valve.

If I honestly had to have a nerf, I would just keep the chain kill nerf. Restricting the Knight to the Claid or the Booties is a choice move, because it still gives somewhat viability to the other melees. It’s.. not a very pretty nerf, But you will always know that one knight who is chain killing will always be skirting on 160hp, or a solid 200hp as a berserker.

That’s a good enough compromise for me. If you absolutely have to have it your way, please include a sliding threshold on the slowdown. Right now it’s simply unplayable. It’s like everyone has Natascha vision that only works on you. I honestly hope this is a classic case of some coder wanting to go home at the end of the day which results in a rushed patch job. I get it. I have a job, I’m an adult myself. We all want to go home after a long day of work and do nothing with our lives, so please let it be that case.

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