One of the best GMOD Video makers is gone…

Today has been a bad week for, well, everyone, particularly the GMOD and TF2 communities. kitty0706, esteemed Garry’s Mod and TF2 video maker, most famous for Team Fabulous 2, has passed away.

According to Facepunch and later on Reddit, Colin Wyckoff (Kitty0706) passed away on 25th January 2015, after a long struggle against Leukemia. According to those who knew him, he was always upbeat and optimistic. May he rest in peace, free from pain.

The rest of this video will be dedicated to some of kitty0706’s best videos. Coherent GMOD animation takes skill, no matter what people say.


Be right back, too busy laughing at these videos then feeling sad because there’ll never be any more.

Poor thing.


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