Why I Love Demo

It’s February, the month of Valentine’s Day, so I’m gonna ramble on about the class that I love the most: The Demoman.


I freakin’ love the Demo. So much. With a fiery, burning passion, that consumes my soul. I don’t play Demo because he puts out a massive amount of damage if used right, I play Demo because it’s a fun and unique experience. The high damage output is more of a product from effectively playing Demo. Not counting his melees, Demo is all projectile and no hitscan, so for the most part, you have to develop timing and tracking to play Demo effectively, and it pays off because of the damage output.

The ol’ Demonstrations Man is quite the character. He’s a one-eyed, black, drunken, Scottish explosives expert. I don’t really see how you could possibly get any more diverse than that. Plus, everything this guy says is hilarious. It’s gold. Pure gold. He’s right up there with Heavy and Scout in the hilarity department. I mean really, does anyone disagree with me here? Anyone? No? OK, good.

Like I said before, the Demo is all projectile and no hitscan, he’s the only class in the game that’s like this. But the Demo’s class diversity goes deeper than projectiles (ehh, kinda). The Demo possesses one, if not the only, true dual-purpose weapon in the game. Yes, the Stickybomb Launcher, the weapon who’s projectiles were actually referred to as “Winbombs” by the TF2 development team at one point. The Stickybomb Launcher is the only weapon able to set up defensive traps. Nothing else can do that. Not only can it infuse pure rage into the hearts of your enemies by putting all their efforts to waste because of your fantastically placed Stickybombs, it can also be used for offense, blowing holes right through the enemy because you have the luxury and leisure of 8 game-winning, high damage output bombs loaded. If you’re in a fight and run out of ammo and have to deal with that lengthy reload, pull out your almost-always-guaranteed 100 damage Grenade Launcher and watch your tracking and prediction skills hopefully pay off.

Image Provided By Witchyyy
Image Provided By Witchyyy

The Demoman also has some insane mobility. Map-crossing mobility. Get some overheal, put two Stickies down, take a short flight behind the enemy team and go spawncamp them. Alternatively you can use the Stickyjumper and caber all the enemy Snipers. Not only is the Demo a one-man powerhouse with extreme mobility, he also (or at least he used to) doubles as arguably the most dangerous melee classes in the game, with a charge ability that makes him move faster than a Scout and have guaranteed 195 damage melee crits in addition to the usually extended range on most of his melees, and almost each melee he possesses buffs his Demoknighting in some way. The Demoknight is the most unique and recognized subclass in TF2, it’s almost a class all it’s own, and it adds to the Demo’s diversity as a class.

I feel like I can’t effectively put into words how much I just love the Demo and why, but hopefully you get the gist of it. Demo is diverse, unique, and has insane mobility, and in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, and just like McDonalds, I’m lovin’ it. I’m lovin’ all of it.



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