The Classic: Underpowered or Misunderstood?


Not too long ago an update hit, an update that some think of as the bane of TF2’s existence thanks to the addition of these then new taunts, mainly the conga, however there was a shining light to the update: we got 4 new weapons! That’s right, four whole new weapons, one being the Classic, which is suppose to be a homage to TFC’s Sniper Rifle.

The Classic received a graphical update that’s very faithful to the original model, and honestly the gun looks amazing. Despite being ecstatic about this homage, I found myself a bit dumbfounded at the stats, sure it was pretty faithful at the independent charge + zoom, as well as lower damage on bodyshots and no headshots unless fully charged, but there was one main issue: The Rifle was missing two stats that made the TFC version actually good. What are these stats you ask? Well it’s simple, in TFC the Sniper Rifle could cripple an enemy if shot in the legs and had serious knockback to enemies (well, that aren’t heavies). Like seriously, if you were in the air at all, this thing would send you flying, in fact it could also send teammates flying for Sniper-Jumping, but that’s another article.

I tried to do something with the 2forts, but it didn't work
A little side by side comparison never hurt

Now in TF2, the cripple mechanic wouldn’t be exactly, well, friendly as it drastically reduces move speed and the cripple won’t go away unless healed, but the Classic in TF2, well it’s straight up underpowered when you compare it to it’s unlocks. Compared to any other rifle, and even the Huntsman(which now that I think about it is kind of a better Classic), this thing is near useless. With its no headshots except when fully charged option, it makes taking out Medics, one of the Sniper’s primary jobs, a pain in the ass because it takes so long to charge the thing. And even then, unlike the Sniper Rifle, it doesn’t take out Medics in one hit on bodyshot. I know the Heatmaker doesn’t either, but the Heatmaker also doesn’t need to be fully charged to headshot. If we compare it to the Sydney Sleeper, the Sleeper at least charges fast and unlike the Classic can kill a Medic in one bodyshot.

Now, even though all I’ve done so far is downtalk the Classic, saying how bad it is compared to it’s TFC counterpart, as well as saying it’s completely useless compared to other rifles, what does the Classic bring to the table? Well, it’s pretty fun to use in my honest opinion. It almost brings a feeling of nostalgia for my TFC days (which I’ve actually started to play more recently) while also giving the Sniper something he doesn’t normally have while holding a charge: a full screen to view. The Sniper with the Classic can view the entire battlefield easily,  and as a bonus, getting a kill causes gibs to appear, which is pretty entertaining when it happens. Personally, I think the Classic needs a little love, mainly in the charge speed/move speed departments.

In the end, the Classic is pretty underpowered compared to any of the rifles in the game, but as I’ve started to use the Classic more I’ve started to appreciate it a little bit more each time. The Classic isn’t as bad is people say, it’s damn fun to use. Because of that, I’d also say it’s misunderstood.


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