New CS:GO update – Reanimated

Oh look an update that does not include skins, music kits or the likes of that! An update that fixes some bugs and adding new features!

For those that don’t know yet for some reason, there has been an update to CS:GO today, or yesterday, timezones are werid. Anywho, it brings us a whole animation overhaul, updated hitboxes and thus even fixing most hitbox glitches like screwed up hitboxes on ladders, when jumping and during the plant animation. We also magically summon a PDA with cables whenever we defuse now.

Oh look it's some weird cable wires. This might make fake-defusing at VERY SPECIFIC locations harder than before.
Oh look it’s some weird cable wires. This might make fake-defusing at VERY SPECIFIC locations harder than before because the Terrorist can see the cables.

You also now draw your weapon in the world model too, and with pistols you (apparently) have a 1 in 3 chance to flip the pistol just like you draw the Desert Eagle in first person! Something else that comes to mind is that your weapon now gets “cut off” whenever you look onto a wall, so especially long weapons like the AWP now don’t clip through walls anymore. This allows for some weird magic tricks with thin walls or doors to show off your magical powers to your teammates, drawing an AWP or M4A1-S out of a wall!

Talking about weaponry, the M4A1-S has been hit with a nerf. The price has been reduced from 3200$ to 3100$ though, possibly the only “upside”, now costing just as much as it’s unsilenced counterpart, the M4A4. The silenced variant also bears a reduced armor penetration value (although this is not present in the game yet), increased base spread and lower rate of fire, now firing as “slow” as the AK-47. The lower rate of fire does seem to actually make the spray pattern look tighter (read: better) than before because the increased base spread is barely noticeable due to the time the weapon has to “cool off” for best first-shot accuracy being unchanged, but atleast we now see that the M4A1-S should be used for long-range combat, instead of being better than the M4A4 96% of the time.

The Dual Berettas have also recieved a minor armor penetration buff alongside a new range modifier which aids it even more in pistol rounds, although it still gets outshined by almost every other pistol (besides the starters) in non-pistol rounds.

The Zeus is now permanently 100$, which means you have party-mode forever, just without the confetti shooting out of it. This might make it overused in matchmaking because it is extremely cheap and can one-hit kill at very close distances. And yes, the Zeus sometimes doesn’t one-hit kill. It just happened to me in a competitive match; 95 in 1 is not fun.

According to some players, both the M4A1-S and the M4A4 now share the “98 in 4”-Syndrome, which ultimatively makes the AK-47 the better rifle of all and the M4A1-S useless. I don’t necessarily agree with that: The M4A1-S still excels at longer ranges even with its now poorer stats. I never really used it much (probably because I am a fan of the M4A4, blame my skins), but it is definately not useless, even though the AK now is the best rifle with close to no competition now.

You can also now report enemies for griefing now, which was previously not possible in competitive matchmaking. This should hopefully help against people that afk script in spawn or a team of derankers jumping off of Vertigo.

But every update that fixes things breaks a few things too. Speedclimbing ladders (looking sideways to a ladder and pressing W with A or D, which would literally zoom you up the ladder) seems to have been nerfed; you move up only a bit faster instead of twice as fast now. Also, flying off ladders onto usually unreachable spots (the weird shelf at hell/lower heaven on nuke comes to mind) is now impossible, you cannot fly/slide off ladders anymore. This seems to break some custom maps designed for that purpose of which I haven’t played any of.

Oh, and de_nuke2 is most definately on its way.

Is it just showcasing hitboxes or is that a new/reworked map in the background?
Is it just showcasing hitboxes or is that a new/reworked map in the background?

You should watch 3kliksphilip’s video, he is pretty cool.

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