Why I think you should give Dirty Bomb a chance

Dirty bomb is one of my favorite games, I love the diverse class options, different counter play mechanics, fast paced fire fights, and massive emphasis on team coordination that the game provides. However the game does not come without its flaws, those being a less than stellar payment model, and a small map selection. Of course Dirty Bomb is still in beta and new characters are being added regularly, if you haven’t played it for a while come back and see whats new. It’s free on steam and the rotation changes every 2 weeks.

Anyway my reasons for writing this article is that the game is not doing as well as I would like, it is currently bleeding players quite rapidly, it’s gone from over 10k to below 5k in a few months and I think this is partially to the game having a somewhat strict learning curve. The game is like a book that’s really dull at the beginning but once you get past all the boring exposition and backstory and get to the action you cant put it down.

One of my favorite features about dirty bomb is that even when you have to play a certain merc for the team you have options. There are over a dozen mercs now but they all fit into 4 main roles, fire supports, medics, assaults, and engineers. So lets say your team needs a medic, but you hate having to dedicate yourself to healing, well there’s tons of completely different ways to be a medic, if you want to roam around and shotgun people, get Aura who comes free, you can leave your health station near the point and than run and gun people down with your shotgun while it does all the work for you. If you want to be an aggressive pusher, try Phoenix who can heal himself and everyone around him. If you like sniping or being a sharpshooter in general you can play Sparks who can revive people from a mile away and deal decent damage with her taser rifle. And if you just want the typical combat med you can play Sawbones whose good in any situations.

Those are just the different ways you can play medics and all the other options have just as much variety to them, and all of the individual mercs can be tweaked through loadout cards to meet your specific needs. Combine this playstyle variety with fast paced gameplay and strategic team centric gun fights and you get the reasons why I love this game and why I think you should give it a chance if you haven’t already.


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