Why the “stats” discussion on any weapon forum doesn’t do anything

As I’ve just now gone through the Iron Gauntlet new stuff, I’ve come to realize that some of the biggest discussions about the update were about what statistics the new weapons should have. Let me tell you why no “STATS!” discussion will ever actually be useful.

#1. There are certain things Valve will never add to the game. These include: weapons that increase a Heavy’s, Scout’s, or Medic’s maximum HP. The Dalokohs is an exception but is only a temporary buff. This is mainly based off the facts that: the Pretty Boy’s Pocket Pistol was changed, Medics are a keystone to play and giving them more health in exchange for a primary or melee is overpowered in higher level play, and a fully overhealed Heavy is tanky enough so as it is. Another includes weapons that’s only downside is no random crits With the nerf to the Market Gardener, as well as the lack of random crits in Mannpower and soon to be released competitive matchmaking, no random crits may not be a downside for much longer. This one only effects certain classes but overall would never be allowed.

Passive speed boosts are here too. The Demoman is the only class to be able to have a positive passive speed increase via the bootlegger. Any kind of passive speed boosts knock out one of the key balancing mechanics of our nine mercs. Finally, Valve will never make an entire new mechanic just because one person said so, concepts maybe. People suggesting, say, a long jump or something of that nature will most certainly never be implemented as the easier option would just be to give the class a double jump at the cost of lower jump height. The best example of this was for the tank-style minigun, someone posted it being able to be put down like a sentry. No, just no.

#2. People never think out statistics, they just type up what feels good. For instance, people saying a weapon that would do 80% more damage to buildings. 65+(65*.8)=117. What does 117 damage do against buildings?  At least make it either a rounded number(100%) or a number that actually means something (100 for sappers, 108 to two-hit level three buildings) I always see people just throwing out things that sound good but in practice have more of an effect then they realize. A Sniper with 20% more damage, would be able to quickscope Demos and Pyros, therefore it will never be implemented. Just things like this in general should be thought out before written.

#3 Posting thins that effect core gameplay. A Minigun that doesn’t shoot bullets? A Sniper Rifle that inst-kills on a headshot but can’t bodyshot? These kinds of weapons will completely alter the way a class is played, and after all the Demoknight nerfs, I don’t think Valve likes different playstyles.

There were just a few things that I hate while looking thru any kind of workshop thread. I just wish people would know that unless they themselves made the weapon, or have a really, really good idea, Valve won’t even care about their suggestions.


P.S. dear god the amount of bleed stats. NO ONE LIKES BLEEDING. Also, knife concepts focused on butterknifing. Again, just no.

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