Weapons that are deemed underpowered, part 2

We’re back again with a bunch of weapons that some people deem underpowered and crap and awful, but I think actually have a use! Last time we looked at the Overdose, Mantreads and Red Tape Recorder. Today we have four more weapons!

The Sharpened Volcano Fragment. Yes, this piece of garbage isn’t as useless as it seems. The one use I’ve noticed this weapon having is in combination with the Degreaser and one of the Shotguns. Since the Degreaser has less afterburn damage, using this allows you to still give them full afterburn. Still a garbage weapon but has at least one use. Also not bad in Medieval Mode, if comboed with a Sun on a Stick Scout. Teamwork required though!

The Wrap Assassin. In comp at least, no melee should be used other than the Boston Basher or Atomizer. Why are these the only used melees? For the Atomizer, it’s the passive ability, for the Basher, it’s utility. The Atomizer allows you to dodge Demos/Soldiers even better with an extra jump, whilst the Boston Basher allows you to build uber with your Medic at maximum speed and with ease, as well as enabling some small boosts while jumping with the self-bleed. You will never actually use a Scout melee unless you run out of all of your ammo, as the Scattergun does far superior damage to the Bat. This is where the Wrap Assassin comes in. Unlike the Sandman, there is no passive downside. Less melee damage is its only penalty, which as just stated, doesn’t matter. The Wrap Assassin gives you a long range weapon if using one of the Scout’s lunchbox items. Doesn’t do as much damage as the Flying Guillotine, but uses up a slot that is otherwise useless.

The Back Scatter. Yeah, I myself sometimes use this weapon as I’m a Spy main. Other than trick(stab)shoots this weapon is all ambush and no normal bush. The one major bonus of this weapon is that it can one-shot light classes directly from behind. From a normal fighting stance though, the accuracy penalty is huge on a weapon that already has terrible accuracy. It can be useful but only if you know how to maneuver yourself towards the enemies back.
The stock Revolver. Statistically speaking, if you have full accuracy, This weapon will do more damage than two Ambassador headshots can including their cooldown. This weapon has been cast aside for the other revolvers however because a newer Spy will almost never use their gun and will want a revolver that gives them an extra utility, be it more cloak duration or the availability of crits. Still, its steady and reliable.

That’s it for now!

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