Valve doesn’t like adding new concepts to the game, which is why there are so many +/- weapons, even the ones that don’t look like they are. The Airstrike for instance, is entirely +/- but the description doesn’t show it as such. Anyways Valve occasionally figures out they can change around a concept for new weapons and balancing, and then do it to a bunch of weapons (cough, switch speeds in tough break getting added to like 30% of melee weapons, cough). This seems like a new thing but switch speed has been around for ages in the Degreaser and fists of steel.

How this translates to today. This will likely be a process that happens more and more in newer updates, as the main things being focused on are gamemode balancing such as comp beta. Things like, bullet spread recovery in revolvers, although not seen, is one of the greatest advantages of the revolver over the pistol. I’m predicting this concept will come around some time soon, in the advent of a bullet spread recovery pistol or SMG. Think about a pistol that if you wait between shots, was perfectly accurate, not just the first shot in every clip. The Winger is underpowered so as it is, why not give it the ability to be more accurate? That’s the major one which I’m expecting to be brought back to life in an upcoming update.

Other concepts include regen (specifically the medicating melody), speed boosts (Big Earner, Eviction Notice coming straight from the addcond used by the Discipline Action) and quite a few others. The reason behind the reuse of these concepts is the game’s core code. Why not use Mad Milk for syringes in MVM if it’s already in the game files? Why not use the Vaccinator fire uber for the Spycicle since it’s already there?    

People keep trying to come up with new CONCEPTS for weapons, this obviously isn’t the direction Valve wants it’s weapons to go, they want people to find out ways to balance concepts from one weapon, into another. The Panic Attack was a great example of this, make the Beggar’s into a shotgun, but tweak it a bit to make it balanced. Why not make the Phlogistinator mechanic into a syringe gun? Do enough healing, say 2k, in a life, and get a free 8 seconds of crits on command. I would definitely use that syringe gun, since all the others are useless (Crossbow is op!~everyone, ever).

What I’m trying to get out is that, all everyone wants is new CONCEPTS not just weapons, the problem is, most of the new concept ideas Valve have done, were horrible. The Mantreads? useless(almost). The Pomson? Everyone hates it. The Soda Popper? OP/underused mess. People want new kinds of weapons but aren’t happy with what they already have, I think the Tough Break update did a great job of balancing things without actually adding anything to the game.

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