Continuity – A Mod Journey

One of Warframe’s standard, almost required, mods is Continuity. Continuity increases the duration of your abilities – most of them anyway. It’s not required on everyone, but it’s a damn useful mod to have. There are alternate mods that also increase duration, but Continuity is the only mod that only increases duration, or not at the cost of anything else. It turns out, it’s also a really fucking hard mod to get.

Annoyingly though, I’ve had a Continuity from the very beginning. When I was doing the tutorial missions, one of the very first mods I received was a damaged Continuity. Damaged mods, which have nothing to do with corrupted mods, are ‘beginner’ mods that only have 3 ranks and aren’t as strong as their normal variants, but are cheaper to upgrade. The idea is to have a full set of standard mods that you can swap out later for proper mods. The Continuity mod though is apparently a rare drop, you don’t always get it because it’s not a required mod, especially early on.

This is Continuity.
This is Continuity.

Of course, me being me, I upgraded it fully and wore it with pride the second I was able to. That took a while because I wanted to have my shield and health mods first, but oh well. It was shiny and gold. I liked it. Paradoxically, around this time, I never actually used Duration to its full potential – I never, ever used Speed. I didn’t use Electric Shield either, because with only 12% extra duration, it only lasted for about 10 seconds. But I never had the energy I needed to use Speed and Electric Shield, because I was always using Shock and didn’t have the Streamline mod to lower its cost.

But as I added more and more mods to my collection (and was given the Shocking Speed mod for Volt), I realised I was still using this damaged Continuity. I can’t do anything with it, it’s untradable, and it’s not worth the endo it’s made out of. I wanted to get a proper Continuity.

Originally, the reason was because I wanted my Electric Shields to last longer. But as I used Speed more, I wanted that to last longer.

Thus, my journey began, at MR4, to get this new mod. I didn’t want to trade for one, since they cost about 10 platinum (the premium currency) and I didn’t want to spend any of the 200 platinum I’d saved up.

My first attempt was via the boss on Tethys, as I’d been told that he dropped this mod sometimes. General Sargas Ruk is a boss with tons of fire everywhere. I’d already done the fight 10 times to get the three pieces for Ember, and after another 10 times, I gave up. I did get lots of Orokin Cells (which I’ve used most of now – should probably go farm him again). I clearly was not getting this Continuity there.

I then decided to look up the mod. One of the best places to get Continuity was low level defense missions. So I went to Lith on Earth and decided to get started. Small catch, I’d have to get to wave 20 before I could extract, if I wanted any chance at this mod. That’s not too hard, I regularly solo a defense mission on Romula (my mini credit farming spot until I reach the best farming spot on Akkad), so this wasn’t much harder.

But again, after a LOT of attempts, I never got that Continuity. Several other attempts on similar missions also left me without this damn mod. I hit Mastery Rank 5. Still nothing.

For a while, I gave up. I had new characters to level up anyway – Trinity and Valkyr. My hopes were that I’d find a Continuity eventually as I leveled these two characters up. Valkyr hit level 30 and I still didn’t have one, even though I’d reached Pluto.

I continued playing. I got my Tonkor, a two-shot grenade launcher, to level 30, then put it back in the cupboard because I hated how damn bouncy it was. It’s a stupidly strong weapon but I can’t aim so that makes it moot. Mastery Rank 6 came along, thanks to leveling up Valkyr and the Tonkor and I was still without a Continuity.

I came back to Trinity, hating her guts. I’d ditched her at level 10 to rank up Valkyr, and now I had to finish what I’d started and get Trinity to level 30 as well. She’s pretty much useless without a specific mod though, and because I was already pissed off with my lack of Continuity, I decided I didn’t want to have to mess around getting another mod.

While I tried to level up Trinity, I went back to doing the missions that promised a Continuity, but I was constantly denied.

In the end, I actually got it off someone, while trying to sell an item for Platinum. They had no plat, I asked what they had, they offered a max rank Continuity, I said ‘fuck it’ and went with it.

Now I can use Speed for 15 seconds at a time! Also, 39 second electric shields.
Now I can use Speed for 15 seconds at a time! Also, 39 second electric shields.

Then I went and wasted 1,000,000 credits trading for a Primed Continuity, like a fucking idiot, and don’t have the credits nor the endo nor the mod capacity to, I don’t know, actually use it.

Oh well.


Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 50% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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