7 Ways to Improve the Operator

I still hate those damn space kids. Right now, they’re a horrible waste of pixels and I hate them and their stupid, hypocritical observations. Yes, the Corpus are greedy, but we’re space ninja mercenaries killing them to get a stupid barrel for a shiny new gun, so get off your damn high horse.

Volt standing strong. And in the dark.
Just a warning, if you haven’t done the War Within, none of this applies to you.

That being said, the Operators could all be improved. Here are some ways we can do that.


Level up Operators the same way you level up Warframes.

Operators should start at unranked and get to level 30. By using your Operator, you should level him or her up, which increases things like Health, your Energy Pool and the strength of your Void Beam and Void Blast abilities. At the very least, upgrading them would mean more health. Because running around with 100 health in a mission where enemies can one-hit-kill people with 1000 shields and 400 health is clearly a good idea.

Make Void Dash one button.

This is a stupidly simple change that I personally want. Void Dash being Crouch Plus Jump to be annoying as heck. My muscle memory is Crouch Plus Jump Equals Bullet Jump, so Void Dash being the same confuses the heck out of me. But it’s also inconsistent. With other dash abilities, it’s one single button. Loki’s teleport is one button. So is Excalibur’s dash. Why can’t we have one button for Void Dash? It’s made worse by the fact that Crouch also activates your Void Invisibility, which quickly drains your energy, meaning you can only get 3 dashes out of your meager energy pool if you’re incredibly lucky.

Combine them with Focus.

Focus is almost as shitty as Operator Mode, but considering it’s only used in small bursts, it’s not nearly as bad. But surely doing Operator stuff should combine with doing Focus stuff? Why can’t they make use of Focus schools? Why doesn’t my Operator get the increased Zenurik energy regeneration? In fact, maybe Unairu would be useful finally, because Operators are weak as heck and Unairu increases defensive stats. Also, kills by the Operator should automatically give a ton of extra affinity for the Focus School you are currently using.

My Operator, Retvik.
Retvik, my Operator, sitting here and focusing on things. Seriously, if I’d had known about the Operators, I would NOT have named myself Retvik.

Allow us to mod Operators better.

It’s weird. We can throw mods at almost everything else in the game. Why can’t we throw mods at the Operators? Health, Shields, Energy, Power Strength, Armour, Duration, Range… Why not? At the very least, we’d be able to make our Operators more unique. Or build them how they want, rather than every space kid having exactly the same powers. Maybe I want to have Void Beam to have a stupidly long range, or for my Void Blast to stun enemies for longer. Surely others want that too?

Allow us to decorate our Operators more.

Why the fuck can’t my Operator wear my Syandanas? Come on, my Pyra Syandana would look amazing on my Space Kid. The customization options for the Operators are pretty neat, but I don’t see any reason why I can’t put my armour and syandanas on my Operator.

Make your Warframes do something, anything, rather than just standing there like idiots.

A more personal one for me. Come on, our Warframes are amazing. Why are we leaving them behind to be space kids? We should be able to command our Warframes, even when not using Transferance or whatever. Personally, I’d just be happy with our Warframes capable of using Specter AI while we’re not using them, but wouldn’t it be cool if our Warframes could be commanded to protect us, or guard an objective, or whatever, while we do our space kid things? It’d be cool if I could make my Volt Prime work as a Specter, giving me a random speed boost as the Operator, or my Trinity giving me extra energy, or something like that.

"I love you, Volt." "I hate you, Operator."
“I love you, Volt.”
“I hate you, Operator.”

Do literally anything to make them more interesting.

More voices, the ability to age, a voice pitch changer, conversations with Lotus and Ordis… Our space kids are just… pretty boring. Make them interact with the world. Or at least make them interact with our Warframes a bit more. Because right now, Transferance and Operator Mode feel like gimmicks, used for Kuva Siphon missions or incredibly rarely to reset resistances on Sentients. That’s it.


That being said, I’ll always still hate them. Being a Space Ninja is way more fun.


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