Killing Floor is Free on Humble Bundle Store Until June 24th

The Co-op scary-mutant-monster-zombie shooting game Killing Floor is currently free on Humble Bundle Store for a limited time – until June 24th! The game is available both to own and as a gift you can email to your friends. It requires having a Humble Bundle website account to access, and the game key is sent to your email address and added to your account. The key is a free Steam key and must be redeemed before 10am Pacific Time (6pm GMT) July 8th, otherwise your free game is forfeit.

Killing Floor Free on Humble Bundle - Picture from various online stores.
Killing Floor Free on Humble Bundle – Picture from various online stores.

Killing Floor is, at least in my opinion, a cross between Counter-Strike, and Left 4 Dead, with skill trees and a leveling system somewhat like Payday 2. Actually, now I think about it, Team Fortress 2’s Mann VS Machine mode is pretty similar as well. You’re shooting weird monsters that swarm in on you, many of which are cannon fodder. They’re not zombies, they’re Zeds. And they’re not all your standard lumbering people, they’re armed, aggressive and dangerous. Oh and some of them have powers and all sorts. It’s pretty insane, with more varied enemies than L4D offers.

You can play on your own or with a team of allies, killing waves of enemies. At the end of each wave, you have to find an upgrade station and buy ammo, guns and more, before the next wave of creepy enemies arrives. The last wave will often feature a nice, tough boss for you to hopefully kill.

There are multiple classes you can play, with their own distinct weapons and abilities. Playing matches earns you experience and allows you to level your classes up. Which is a good thing to do because there’s quite a few difficulty settings to choose from, and the harder ones need all the help you can get.

Killing Floor has a lot of DLC weapon and character packs (which aren’t included in the free game) but they’re mostly cosmetic and aren’t required to play.

Most of you probably have the game for free, as Killing Floor was free for a period of time when Killing Floor 2 was announced (and in fact has been free a few times), but it’s always worth picking up a copy for a friend or three. Killing Floor may be old and mostly superseded by Killing Floor 2, but it’s a fun game and you get to play as the Pyro from Team Fortress 2, complete with a thick, British accent, which is always fun.


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