Volt, Mercy and Handsome Jack go to Cyprus Comic Con 2017

It’s Comic Con time! Yep, old Medic here is going out into the real world for a change, getting some sun on her face and potentially even socializing with other people. How silly is that? Well, not very because I did this last year, while dressed up as the Pyro. Oh and I did it back in 2015 as well, where I dressed up as a female version of Malzahar from League of Legends.

Unlike most articles, I’ll be updating this one as I go along, so check back every so often and perhaps maybe I’ll have some cool news, because this year’s Cyprus Comic Con is at a new venue and is threatening to be even bigger than last year.

So yes, I’m going again this year, because where else can I go outside dressed as a video game character and not be judged? Well, nowhere really around here. For CCC 2017, I’m going as everyone’s favourite electric space ninja Volt. Because I’m 1. obsessed and 2. a fucking lunatic. Brother Smeghead is dressed as Handsome Jack and sister Lil Skully is dressed as Lifeguard Mercy.

This will be fun!

6:30am – Woke up, barely slept. It’s been ages since I haven’t slept from excitement. Decided to get everything sorted out early so I’m mostly just waiting for brother and sister.

7:45am – Heading off. Left early because traffic in Limassol and Nicosia can be a pain. Stopped at a kiosk to get a bottle of water, but brother brought so many snacks.

8:30am – Traffic has been minimal, apart from a tiny bit in Limassol. Saw three speed traps but we are good people who drive at the speed limit. A can of sugar-free Monster will help me stay awake.

9:39am – Google Maps is actually really good. Got to our hotel no problem. Yeah, we booked a hotel because we plan on staying up late. No one wants to drive 2 hours home at 2am.

9:45am – Hotel room is actually really big. And has five beds for some reason.

10:45am – arrival at CCC. Very busy. So many people. Not many people dressed up though. Maybe 1 in 20? Either way I get in quick and easy because I am in costume. Regret parking so far away though.

A wonky selfy of a wonky Warframe

10:50am – Sister wins the first person to recognise her contest. Still a fuckton of people here.

11:00am – People recognise me, yay! Two people mistake me for a Destiny character but a dozen people have recognised me as a Warframe of some sort. I recommend Blast on a Sonicor to a passerby who did not realiss its true power.

11:30am – WE BRIEFLY GO ON RADIO/TV. A random guy pulled us over and asked if he could interview us.

1:00pm – Watched some of the League of Legends tournament. Took way too long to load, then we got bored. The lineup was interesting though, lots of AP. And a Kog’Maw.

2:00pm – Pizza for lunch!

2:30pm – Looked at some comics, they have two stands chock a block with them. So, so many. And a huge amount of choice too. We also looked at a tattoo artist who was doing someone’s tattoo there and then. Suddenly two Skyrim pro cosplayers came along and we had to move.

3:00pm – Pretended to be a statue for a bit. Scared someone who poked my helmet.

3:15pm – The problem with these conventions is that it’s all mostly the same stuff as the last two years. There are a few more artists and the stands are bigger but it is all the same stuff. And while I’m dressed up, I can’t really buy or carry anything. And there is nowhere I can put my stuff either. They could really do with some lockers for hire or something.

3:30pm – Have another wander. Not much I want to do. Found myself a quiet corner though.

4:15pm – Met back up with the siblings. While I wandered around, they met some of the special guests, including one of the artists of Dexter’s Lab. I watched a little of the Hearthstone tournament but it was dull.

4:55pm – Had a wonder around the gaming area. Someone bowed down to me so I bowed too, and someone shouted YO VOLT! as they ran by. Sitting down now in an area with aircon. The Hearthstone tournament is still going. I swear they have been at it for bloody ages. Unrelated note, sister’s Mercy wings are more in the way and annoying than my whole costume.

5:30pm – My hardest challenge yet. Going to the bathroom. Not many people recognise me.

6:00pm – Next year I am going to do a simpler costume. It’s 29C and it’s hard to move through crowds. Not as bad as sister with her wings, mind you. Am open to suggestions for costume ideas.

6:25pm – Writing this while wearing my helmet is tricky. Getting a tad tired but I am trying to hide it.

6:40pm – Live music has started. Some local band who I don’t know the name of since they didn’t introduce themselves. They’re pretty loud and energetic and fun.

7:00pm – Next year I think I will only do the one day. I’ve gotta come back tomorrow for the costume contest and I am bored.

7:25pm – A couple who got married today wanted a group picture with everyone in the giant crowd around the stage. Cute 🙂

7:30pm – Pizza for dinner.

8:15pm – Watching a new band. Nowhere near as fun as the previous one. Finally free from the majority of my costume.

9:00pm – Found the first damn vendor who sells diet drinks. Huzzah!

9:15pm – Holy fuck these Winter’s Verge people put on an amazing show. Heavy music AND a story. Awesome!

11:00pm – Why have they followed the awesome Winter’s Verge with a weird harley quinn joker body paint thing? Oh well. Good DJ at least.

That’s it for tonight. See you tomorrow. Maybe.


How the hell have I managed to write over 900 articles here?

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