Volt, Mercy and Handsome Jack go to Cyprus Comic Con 2017

It’s Comic Con time! Yep, old Medic here is going out into the real world for a change, getting some sun on her face and potentially even socializing with other people. How silly is that? Well, not very because I did this last year, while dressed up as the Pyro. Oh and I did it back in 2015 as well, where I dressed up as a female version of Malzahar from League of Legends.

Unlike most articles, I’ll be updating this one as I go along, so check back every so often and perhaps maybe I’ll have some cool news, because this year’s Cyprus Comic Con is at a new venue and is threatening to be even bigger than last year.

So yes, I’m going again this year, because where else can I go outside dressed as a video game character and not be judged? Well, nowhere really around here. For CCC 2017, I’m going as everyone’s favourite electric space ninja Volt. Because I’m 1. obsessed and 2. a fucking lunatic. Brother Smeghead is dressed as Handsome Jack and sister Lil Skully is dressed as Lifeguard Mercy.

This will be fun!

6:30am – Woke up, barely slept. It’s been ages since I haven’t slept from excitement. Decided to get everything sorted out early so I’m mostly just waiting for brother and sister.

7:45am – Heading off. Left early because traffic in Limassol and Nicosia can be a pain. Stopped at a kiosk to get a bottle of water, but brother brought so many snacks.

8:30am – Traffic has been minimal, apart from a tiny bit in Limassol. Saw three speed traps but we are good people who drive at the speed limit. A can of sugar-free Monster will help me stay awake.

9:39am – Google Maps is actually really good. Got to our hotel no problem. Yeah, we booked a hotel because we plan on staying up late. No one wants to drive 2 hours home at 2am.

9:45am – Hotel room is actually really big. And has five beds for some reason.

10:45am – arrival at CCC. Very busy. So many people. Not many people dressed up though. Maybe 1 in 20? Either way I get in quick and easy because I am in costume. Regret parking so far away though.

A wonky selfy of a wonky Warframe

10:50am – Sister wins the first person to recognise her contest. Still a fuckton of people here.

11:00am – People recognise me, yay! Two people mistake me for a Destiny character but a dozen people have recognised me as a Warframe of some sort. I recommend Blast on a Sonicor to a passerby who did not realiss its true power.

11:30am – WE BRIEFLY GO ON RADIO/TV. A random guy pulled us over and asked if he could interview us.

1:00pm – Watched some of the League of Legends tournament. Took way too long to load, then we got bored. The lineup was interesting though, lots of AP. And a Kog’Maw.

2:00pm – Pizza for lunch!

2:30pm – Looked at some comics, they have two stands chock a block with them. So, so many. And a huge amount of choice too. We also looked at a tattoo artist who was doing someone’s tattoo there and then. Suddenly two Skyrim pro cosplayers came along and we had to move.

3:00pm – Pretended to be a statue for a bit. Scared someone who poked my helmet.

3:15pm – The problem with these conventions is that it’s all mostly the same stuff as the last two years. There are a few more artists and the stands are bigger but it is all the same stuff. And while I’m dressed up, I can’t really buy or carry anything. And there is nowhere I can put my stuff either. They could really do with some lockers for hire or something.

3:30pm – Have another wander. Not much I want to do. Found myself a quiet corner though.

4:15pm – Met back up with the siblings. While I wandered around, they met some of the special guests, including one of the artists of Dexter’s Lab. I watched a little of the Hearthstone tournament but it was dull.

4:55pm – Had a wonder around the gaming area. Someone bowed down to me so I bowed too, and someone shouted YO VOLT! as they ran by. Sitting down now in an area with aircon. The Hearthstone tournament is still going. I swear they have been at it for bloody ages. Unrelated note, sister’s Mercy wings are more in the way and annoying than my whole costume.

5:30pm – My hardest challenge yet. Going to the bathroom. Not many people recognise me.

6:00pm – Next year I am going to do a simpler costume. It’s 29C and it’s hard to move through crowds. Not as bad as sister with her wings, mind you. Am open to suggestions for costume ideas.

6:25pm – Writing this while wearing my helmet is tricky. Getting a tad tired but I am trying to hide it.

6:40pm – Live music has started. Some local band who I don’t know the name of since they didn’t introduce themselves. They’re pretty loud and energetic and fun.

7:00pm – Next year I think I will only do the one day. I’ve gotta come back tomorrow for the costume contest and I am bored.

7:25pm – A couple who got married today wanted a group picture with everyone in the giant crowd around the stage. Cute 🙂

7:30pm – Pizza for dinner.

8:15pm – Watching a new band. Nowhere near as fun as the previous one. Finally free from the majority of my costume.

9:00pm – Found the first damn vendor who sells diet drinks. Huzzah!

9:15pm – Holy fuck these Winter’s Verge people put on an amazing show. Heavy music AND a story. Awesome!

11:00pm – Why have they followed the awesome Winter’s Verge with a weird harley quinn joker body paint thing? Oh well. Good DJ at least.

That’s it for tonight. See you tomorrow. Maybe.


Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 50% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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