The Day We Missed

Today is the 19th of September 2017. On the 19th of September 2013, we missed a day. aabicus dutifully explained why in his article on the 20th, informing the few readers that we had that the Daily SPUF was moving to, the Daily SPUF website that exploded then miraculously came back to life. The site we had before we ended up here on

I don’t think aabicus thought we would still be going in 2017. I should point out that this is four years later, and we’re still pumping out articles and we’re slowly making our way to the big 2K. At the very least, we’ll definitely make it to 1666 posts, since that’s round about how many articles we have ready to be published.

We’ve definitely evolved as a blog though. Our articles are longer and more varied. There’s also a lot less Team Fortress 2, but that’s mostly because there is far less to actually write about when it comes to Team Fortress 2, a game that will be turning 10 years old soon. These days, it’s a bit of a Warframe overload, coupled with Left 4 Dead speedrunning stuff, a nice variation of Medicinal Warlock’s Team Fortress 2 articles and the odd random review of something random. In the last few weeks, we’ve seen a movie review, a visual novel review and an almost normal game review. We’re definitely way more varied than we used to be!

Oh and the site looks different too. We’re now black and red on white, which makes more sense for something that you read. There’s also the night theme, which changes the background to pink so it’s less stressful on the eyes. We have a properly functioning Random Article button or two, and the random articles in the side bar, which I don’t think anyone’s noticed.

Even the staff have changed a lot. thesupremecommander no longer hosts the site (or the old SPUF server), I do, but he still hosts sub-SPUF, now the only SPUF apart from us and the TIAM group. Many of our quests writers have come and gone. Our new most prolific writer lately is Medicinal Warlock who popped out of nowhere and has been kicking out a huge array of articles so large that it brings a tear to my eye. aabicus has aged in about ten billion different ways and is now on his way towards a Masters in game design (yet still refuses to call himself an editor here, even though he is). Starting in October, I’ll be beginning a course in user interactions, UI design and the general user experience (UX) and I’m going to be continuing my normal musings.

We’re all adults now. Mostly.

But we’re still writing. And making videos. And making cool pictures in SFM. And things like that.

The real reason I wrote this? I don’t know. Sometimes it’s just worth mentioning the one day we missed. We didn’t even miss it by accident. The website was being moved onto a better system, one that allowed us to grow and expand as a blog. I wasn’t even really around then, it was aabicus’s baby. And I’ve checked the calendar we have on the site, we haven’t missed any other days. Even when exploded, articles were still published, we just couldn’t see them. They’d appear on Facebook and Tumblr though because for some reason we automatically link our articles there too.

But here we are, a good 1600 articles later. I’m almost too scared to look up how I’d find how many words that is. But I bet the answer is a lot. A lot of words.

You can never have too many words.

Oh, and happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!


How the hell have I managed to write over 900 articles here?

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