The other Pyro weapons from Jungle Inferno


I talked at length about the Gas Passer, giving my thoughts on how it is as a weapon and as part of a loadout, as well as some of my proposed changes for it. Personally, I like the idea of it, but the Gas Passer is rather underwhelming right now.

As for the other Pyro weapons introduced in this update, I’m rather happy with them. So for today, I’ll go through them and give my thoughts on the new additions to Pyro’s arsenal.


Before I continue, please read this Reddit thread on the Dragon’s Fury for a brief rundown on how the Dragon’s Fury actually functions as compared to its listed stats.

The Dragon’s Fury is the new Pyro primary that was made for 1v1 duels. It shoots fireballs with a base damage of 25, but enemies on fire takes 300% damage, rewarding consecutive shots. Most notably, it sets Pyro on fire long enough to make use of the damage boost mechanic. Do note, this 300% damage isn’t a critical hit, so its damage can be further crit-boosted. It can penetrate enemy players and buildings, and its hitbox is fairly generous.

I’ll be honest, I generally don’t play Pyro as a duelist. I’m not particularly good at dueling, for one, and I generally prefer to use my Shotgun for that purpose as a Pyro. There are times when fulfilling my DF contract when I wish that I have my Backburner with me, mostly when I’m facing a bunch of enemies and I want to roast them all ASAP. I do not think that the DF will be my top Pyro primary pick anytime soon; I prefer my Backburner for my normal flanking playstyle and the stock Flame Thrower as a Pybro.

However, I do have a lot of fun using it in 1v1 engagements once I’m used to it. It is definitely really satisfying to duel other players and getting those sweet consecutive hits while dodging their shots. While I personally find the firing sound they picked, a sharp pneumatic hiss, less impactful and satisfying than a shotgun blast, playing with it gives me the same thrill as when I go against Scouts in a duel to the death with a Shotgun. Besides, I like the fact that they give Pyro a primary weapon that functions rather differently from the rest, and that they execute this new concept rather well. Overall, it’s not really my cup of tea, but I will be happy to take my DF out for a spin once in a while.


The Thermal Thruster is literally the thing I wanted most in TF2. I have always wanted a jetpack in the game, and now that it’s here, it feels like getting a free Unusual from some kind soul. I admit, I lost it when I saw the Pyro with a jetpack in the Jungle Inferno short.

The Thermal Thruster has two charges. It’s not a passive weapon, so you’ll need to “draw” it to fly. Each charge grants you a decently large burst in the direction you’re looking at. The initial take-off can extinguish allies, and landing creates a large AoE knockback that affects all nearby enemies, with the knockback strength proportional to Pyro’s maximum air height before his descent. This weapon has a holster duration of 1.1 seconds.

That last stat limits its potential as a bombing tool, although the knockback is useful for disrupting the enemy and may buy you some time to draw your primary and wreak havoc. Its potential as a mobility tool for positioning is unrivaled by all, with the runner-up being the Detonator. The latter has the advantage of being a firearm that the Pyro can use for long-range harassment, but in terms of the mobility it grants Pyro, the Detonator is just outclassed.

Having this mobility allows me to access previously unreachable high places. And there I’ll perch, unseen to all as they walked past me, like an eagle waiting to swoop down at an unsuspecting hare, waiting to rip them apart with my talons and beak Backburner…

This thing is a lot of fun. Thanks Valve.


The Hot Hand is a joke. That doesn’t mean it’s downright horrible, it’s just not a serious weapon.

For a 15% damage penalty (~56 damage), the Pyro gains a speed boost on hit. The listed stats incorrectly stated that it deals 20% less damage. The Pyro does a forehand and backhand slap each time you press primary fire[LMB], so each hit deals approximately 28 damage. Each slap and each kill will be announced in the killfeed in a manner similar to the Holy Mackerel and the Unarmed Combat.

If it is speed you’re after, the Powerjack is by far the more sensible option. But then, that is never what the Hot Hand is about, is it? It’s about going around, slapping people and get them with an embarrassing SLAP KILL! on the killfeed. It’s strictly for some casual fun, and what’s wrong with that? Have to unwind once in a while, man.

So yes, overall, I like all the Pyro weapons introduced. Even the Gas Passer, which I wasn’t too impressed by, I still like the idea behind it, and I believe with a few more tweaks it can be very good. And if you’ll excuse me, I want to spend some more time with my jetpack.

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