Teralysts, Gantulysts and Hydrolysts, oh my!

The Shrine of the Eidolon update brought with it some new Eidolon related things, as one might expect. Honestly it would be pretty weird for an update named after a thing to not contain said thing. But yes, as well as the Teralyst, you can now fight two new Eidolons, both of which are fucking huge and way bigger than the Teralyst. But at the same time they both kinda just look like the Teralyst with some small changes.

If you’re still here, I’ll assume you’ve completed the War Within. Because you need your dumb space kid. Teralysts, Gantulysts, Hydrolysts and any sort of -Lysts can’t be killed without your Operator.

A Gantalyst
*insert eerie whale-like cries here”

The Gantulyst is a big hecking monster of an Eidolon. You can summon this monster by capturing (not killing) a Teralyst and then sacrificing the Brilliant Eidolon Shard you obtain over at the shrine that magically appeared in the middle of a Sentient in the middle of the main lake. It’s described as a ‘brute’ but really, its attacks look like an angry strike from an angrier god, with damaging beams of light, a large, damaging dome of energy and lots of roaring and screaming. You need 3 lures to capture this guy, since he has 6 weak spots compared to the Teralyst with his measly four weak spots.

If you thought the Gantulyst was big, then the Hydrolyst will blow your mind. It’s summoned the same way the Gantulyst is, but you use Gantulyst shards rather than Teralyst shards. This bastard is so big that you almost have to look directly up to be able to shoot it.

The Hydrolyst can command the weather, call lightning down to smite you and turn the ground into a horrible toxic green version of Oberon’s Hallowed Ground, which damages anything that stands on it. The Hydrolyst constantly throws bubbles of something at you, basically creating high-damage green landmine bubbles of death that also leave a similar toxic area on the ground.

A battle with a massive Eidolon.
What is going on here?

Both fights, just like the Teralyst fight, are a huge clusterfuck of visual effects and explosions. There’s often very little cover and nothing to hide behind, so you have to either face-tank attacks, rely on your teammates for healing or abuse the immortality of the Operator while in void mode. Energy-draining abilities are ten a penny, as are things that can and will kill your companion, whether it’s a crit-kitty Kavat or a Sentinel. It’s incredibly easy to accidentally die or get disorientated, so you need to try and remain focused amidst all the flashy attacks and raining death.

The thing is, the fights are all essentially the same. You get a bunch of Eidolon Lures and charge them up with Sentient energy until they glow. You use your Space Kid to destroy an Eidolon’s shields, you then smash off one of the Eidolon’s weak spots. After a brief phase of magnetic death that you’ll need to avoid, you then repeat the process until all weak points have an Eidolon lure attached to them, you fend off a bunch of little Sentients to stop them from healing it, you attack it a bit more and if your Eidolon Lures all survive, the bastard sinks into the ground and you get some loot. The only real differences are the number of lures and weak points, and the attacks of the Eidolons themselves.

Even the ‘meta’ is the same. You want a Trinity to protect lures, you want a Harrow or Oberon to give you status immunity and healing, you want a Chroma (or maybe a Rhino) for huge amounts of damage and you have one free slot for something like a Volt, Octavia or Rhino for extra damage. You don’t have the ability to change your loadout between killing each Eidolon, so whatever you have, you’re stuck with it.

But really, it’s not a complicated fight. Just slow and repetitive. You can’t just fight the Hydrolyst or the Gantulyst. You HAVE to kill the Teralyst no matter what before you get a chance at fighting these two. While the new Eidolon Capture bounties do assist with getting squads together, it’s really a bit of a shame. You have these new enemies, but you are forced to go through the old enemy first.

And what for? Aside from Eidolon Shards which give you more focus, all there is to obtain are Riven transmuting tools and some fancy-ass ship decorations. Really, you’re just doing these missions for the damn Quills standing.

"Jeez, how many of these Sentient Cores do you bloody need?"
“Jeez, how many of these Sentient Cores do you bloody need?”

Bah. I’ll just stick to wandering around aimlessly on the plains, fishing and mining. They’re a better source of income anyway.


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