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Image from IMDB
Image from IMDB

Well, that was an awesome two and a half hours! Didn’t actually feel like two and a half hours at all. I suppose right from the start that’s a glowing review if you sit through a two and a half hour long movie and hardly even notice. Funnily enough, apart from one prick at the beginning of the movie (shouting at teenagers to be quiet and causing the rest of us, kids included, to miss the first 30 seconds of dialogue because he’s an entitled prick – literally all they said was “ooh the movie’s starting”), the theater was weirdly silent throughout the whole film. Everyone was so engrossed that they managed to hold in their thoughts until the very end. The chatter only appeared once the credits rolled.

The entirety of Avengers – Infinity War is absolutely jam packed with content. There’s action throughout the whole film and actually very little standing around. You get zipped across the universe and there’s constantly something going on. There’s no time to be bored because by the time you start to lose interest everything’s already moved on.

This can leave you feeling a bit disorientated, especially if you haven’t been watching any of the other Marvel movies which have been and gone over the last ten years. But the action and witty dialogue makes up for that. If anything, the characters themselves might feel the same way, because these are characters who have never met before and it shows.

Speaking of characters, there’s a LOT of them. The only missing heroes are Hawkeye and Ant-Man, but they’ve both not appeared much in any of the movies anyway, particularly Hawkeye, so that’s kinda to be expected.

Some might not like the special effects, that they were too over the top (and I’d agree with you on the Iron Man suit and some other smaller bits) but considering that half the movie takes place on not-Earth, it’s to be expected.

Of course, there are some small nitpicks. No movie is perfect after all.

One of my main issues is really with the music, it was completely forgettable. In the end credits, there only two tracks mentioned, one of them being the Black Panther soundtrack and that’s it. Everything else is generic action movie super hero stuff and you can’t tell what it is anyway since the battles are so loud. Might as well not have been music.

The end-credits scene – there was only one right at the end – wasn’t great, which was a surprise considering how good everything else was. If you’re unwilling to sit through the eons-long credits then you’re not missing that much.

My biggest peeve though was the power levels of some characters. Vision in particular felt like a weakling throughout the whole movie, while I’m wondering how Black Widow and the majority of in-combat Wakandans are still alive. Spider-Man though, he was great. Nice flippy stuff, pretty true to comic form. Might have been a bit early for an Iron Spider suit but oh well, it’s not like he’s really had a normal costume much.

Anyway, you should go watch this movie. It’s totally worth it.








Alright, wow. Holy fuck that ending. I mean, as someone who’s read the Infinity War comics and lives with a bunch of comic book nerds, it was an ending I sort of expected, but bloody hell, I did not think Marvel Studios would go there, but they fucking did.

Letting Thanos win and killing off half the universe requires some balls, and they’ve got balls.

But more importantly, they killed off a fuckton of people. Pretty much everyone except the original Avengers. Only Thor, Steve, Tony, Banner and Nat are left from the original crew that we know of, and War Machine and Rocket Raccoon are the only two obvious outliers. The entirety of the Guardians of the Galaxy got wiped out apart from Rocket, which was unexpected.

They even killed Spider-Man. And that death was probably the most haunting because there was a genuine fear of death there that made it more painful. There’s that sense of helplessness and a loss of hope, but unlike other films like the 8th Star Wars movie, that loss of hope isn’t overbearing.

The rest of the plot though? Well, it was kinda standard. A bad guy trying to get all the mcgubbins to build an ultimate thingy. It’s a plot we’ve seen in most super hero movies. And that might put people off because we HAVE seen that a lot, even more so when the work of previous movies has all been undone (ESPECIALLY Thor: Ragnarok and Guardians of the Galaxy 1). We’ve seen it before.

But the main difference is that the bad guy won, big time, and then the movie left it right there, on that MASSIVE cliffhanger. It’s Star Wars Rogue One levels of protagonist killing but without the fact that we don’t know how this concludes. I mean, I can guess, but the fact that Scarlet Witch was one of the beings who died, it’s all up in the air.

It’s obvious there is going to be a sequel. There HAS to be.

Anyway, I’ll say it again, you should go watch this movie. It’s totally worth it.


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