Mask of the Revenant – New Mini Quest and Warframe

The Mask of the Revenant update came out late on the night of Friday the 26th of August, so late that I didn’t expect to see it until the following Monday. It comes with a new Warframe called Revenant and a new mini quest. Not a real quest like the Sacrifice, but not even a semi quest like Patient Zero for Mesa’s blueprint or the entirety of the Limbo Theorem and the Sands of Inaros quests. As in, the quest doesn’t appear in one’s Codex like most other quests do.

But yes, Revenant is here. The 36th Warframe.

Revenant - the 36th Warframe
Revenant – the 36th Warframe with a Sentient theme.

His quest though… Well, they’ve done a Limbo on us. You need to build all the pieces of Revenant before you can continue. But weirdly, after doing the very first part of the quest (buying the mask of Nakak, putting it on your Operator and going out to the Plains at night), you actually HAVE to go and do bounties for Konzu and get all the parts of Revenant before you can continue. He’s a higher level frame though – while Gara’s parts come from the first three of five bounties (from level 10 to level 30), Revenant’s come from the last three of five bounties, the last of which is a rare part and has level 60 enemies. Not hard though. Definitely doable for anyone who can do a sortie.

As to Revenant’s abilities? Well they are definitely way more Sentient now. Early looks and reveals of Revenant suggested a much more vampiric kit, much closer to that of Nyx and basically stomping on the poor “female Excalibur’s” toes, but his kit on release is much more based on Sentient stuff – He has an Iron-skin-like damage resistance ability like Sentients, he can dash as a wave of energy just like Vomvalysts and he has a massive laser show just like Eidolons. Sure, the Enthralling thing that revenant does isn’t THAT Sentient-y at first, but remember that Hunhow, one of the bigger baddies around, managed to get into Lotus’s brain and find out where the Moon was and he also attacked the mind of Cephalon Suda, taking over her completely. So mind control is Sentient-y after all.

That being said, I don’t know how strong he is (or if he’ll need a ton of forma) because all the parts are building as I write. Wasn’t too bad, but then again I was playing with my brother, who is about 99% pure luck, so that might have been how I got the parts from bounties so fast.

The quest itself does seem interesting though. Basically it follows on from the lore provided by the 1000 Year Fish, Gara’s lore and the quest Saya’s Vigil. Revenant’s story seems to be what happened after Gara sacrificed herself to kill a huge, dangerous Sentient. It also involves Nakak, the cute little girl who sells you masks, so that’s good.

The update also came with a Sentient-themed shotgun called the Phantasma, which looks really cool but requires 2 Argon and a bunch of Intact Sentient Cores; as well as Sentient-themed armour for both your Warframe and your Kavat. The Kavat armour is weird, because, like the Umbra Kavat armour, it basically blinds your kitty, but the Warframe armour is pretty sweet. Very bulky though, particularly the chest piece.

Overall, it’s all very interesting so far. Sure, this year’s been a bit of a drought for updates, but the Revenant and his quest will do for now.


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